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    Covered Parking Necessary?

    yankinoz Contributor

      My wife and I are new to vacation rentals.  We bought a great condo in Scottsdale 2 years ago, and rented year-around to the former owner until March.  I've been here since then (we're currently living in Australia) furnishing our home for rentals.  Its a great place in pristine condition, great location, great view, great amenities, etc.  BUT, we were talking with a property manager the other day and, although he loved the place, he INSISTED that we provide either a covered parking spot or garage.  We do have an attached garage, but we need it for our car, as it's kinna hard for us to drive here from Australia.  He suggested that we store the car when we're not here.  However, when I checked the cost of car storage, the price was somewhat prohibitive, especially when added onto the hefty 30% commission.  My question, is covered parking really all that necessary for tenants?  There are lots of open parking spots right outside the unit, and many of the owners here don't seem to mind using them.  So, is the lack of a covered parking or a garage a deal killer for most tenents, or not?

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          swlinphx Premier Contributor

          Yankinoz, I run vacation rentals here in the Phoenix area as well.  Although no guest should expect to have a garage, I do believe paying guests should have some kind of sheltered (covered) parking.  Unless it's a fully-enclosed garage, it is not a security issue but a weather issue, namely the intense heat and sun here in the Valley.   A car parked in direct sunlight at one's home (where it is likely to remain parked longer than any place they temporarily visit) can get to be a literal oven, with temps reaching between 150º - 200º. Not only is that very unpleasant upon entry but it takes much longer to cool down (it is can also wear on both the interior and exterior over the years, but that probably wouldn't be a concern if they're there a short period or using a rental car).  That is why you will find no residence in the Phoenix area that doesn't provide some kind of shelter for the resident's vehicle, be it a garage, car port or at least covered parking.  While this may not be deal breaker for all guests and some may not even complain, it is a definite detriment or "con" for people who may want to rent your place if they should ask in advance (and even if they don't, they may express displeasure upon arrival).  Whatever you decide, consider those things.


          By the way, the high in Phoenix today:  113º (and summer doesn't even start until Wednesday!)