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    New increase in Visa fees

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      I just wanted to pass on something I received from my credit card processing company.  This will impact everyone, in one way or another, regardless of who you use to process CC payments, if you accept Visa. I imagine Reservation manager has already rolled this into their fee, or will shortly.

      This won't really impact me, since it is a once month $3.50 charge, and only if I process a Visa card payment. ( It is not a per transaction additional fee,  but money's money!


      I love my processing company (have used them for years), as they provide wonderful customer service. I get a monthly detailed statement, 24/7 phone support for any reason, and I know immediately if a guest's payment is accepted or declined (& the reason why it has been declined).  It makes my accounting life much easier when tracking my banking fees for our VR rental.

      Here's the notice:

      "Effective April 1, 2012 Visa has instituted a Fixed Acquirer Network Fee of $3.50 per month for all merchants.   You will see this appear on your next billing statement.  This fee comes directly from the card brand Visa and unfortunately we have no control other than to pass it along at our cost.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and are committed to keeping you aware of the changes that take place in the payment card industry, and to protect your pocketbook."