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    Does customer support read support requests???

    skiandglee Active Contributor

      So I try to change the location of my home on the map in VRBO edit listing location page and I can not get the house icon to drag to a new location in either Internet Explorer or Firefox.  I sent a support request and as usual, there must be a robot reading the request and sending back boiler plate responses rather than a human reading the request based on the useless response you get back 24 hours later.  see below:


      I wrote:


      I am trying to enable the map but my house icon is not correct. The instructions on the popup tooltip state I should drag the house icon to the correct location but I am unable to drag the house. I have tried using firefox and internet explorer browsers. Neither will work. Therefore I am unable to enable the map feature.



      The response I get back is:


      Dear Rick,


      Thank you for contacting VRBO.com Customer Support.


      To edit the map on your listing:

      1. Log into your account.

      2. If you have more than one listing, click Switch Property at the top to navigate to the appropriate listing.

      3. Hover over Edit Listing and click Location.



      If you would rather not have an icon marking where your property is, you can uncheck the box "Display my property marker (recommended)"



      Click the “zoom” button in the top left corner of the map, and then select the zoom level. If you are concerned about privacy, you may want to select the furthest zoom level. Travelers cannot see closer in than the zoom level you select.


      Save your changes to ensure they aren’t lost. After saving, refresh your browser by pushing the F5 button at the top of your keyboard in order to see your updated map.


      For helpful tips and advice from other owners, visit Community at community.homeaway.com.





      If you need further assistance, please visit our Help page at the link below to find commonly asked questions and answers.



      Thank you for using VRBO.com—offering more than 150,000 rentals in 100+ countries worldwide.


      Best regards,




      VRBO.com Customer Support





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          HomeAway Employee

          Hi skiandglee,


          Sorry for the confusion - it appears that our rep didn't realize you were trying to move the pin on a live listing.  If your listing is already live on the site, the pin is locked down to you moving it.  You would have to call in and have Customer Support move it to the right place.  Our system does "slightly obscure" the location that is shown to travelers for privacy purposes (i.e. so bad guys can't find out which house is unoccupied for extended periods). Let me know if you have further questions!



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            I have had an outstanding issue since April 18, 2013.  It seems that the only time support sends anything other than a "canned answer" is if you complain on these boards, A LOT!!!


            I'm now going on 10 days waiting for my last email reply to my problem stemming back 2 months.  I can't call as I need someone to actually open the email and the attachment and review the data I sent back to them. 


            Beth or whoever is monitoring this, can you save me a lot of time posting more complaints and please help me out here?

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                The hope here is that Support (particularly the rep I replied to) would look at the file, interpret it and do some analysis based on the information contained.  These half hearted, zero effort, canned answers just don't seem to do the trick.  I don't want someone to open a file to tell me a brain dead answer.  I was providing analysis, with data, for help from Support.  So I call, they open the file and then what?  Tell me they have it?  Give me some kind of canned excuse without any analysis?


                My understanding is that if I send an email to support, they should reply within a reasonable amount of time. It's been 10 days since I've gotten the reply, the outstanding issue is 2 months old, and we are looking at our worst month for money... ever this month.


                I've been accused of just being a trouble maker on your boards and ALL I want is for my listing to work like it used to.  That is it.

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                mr_fancy_pants - how dare you? :-) Customer support doesn't supply canned answers, you must be mistaken. At least that was written on this blog no less than 2 weeks ago by a community manager. I believe it with all of the sincerity and truthfulness that VRBO generally  and regularly provides. You and I must be completely mistaken. 

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                  Beth  my listing is 442961  My name is Tom. The last review was positive but only scored only one star. That must be a mistake. Please review and change it please.



                  Tom Kolterman


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                    scottr Active Contributor

                    Some time ago, someone asked why I always posed questions to the Community, and not to Support.  About four weeks ago, I asked Support a question.  I also asked the Community.  The Community provided the correct answer (it's a filter) within a few hours.  Support took 4 weeks and gave the wrong answer.

                    I asked (relating to MHA)

                    Under Activity, if I uncheck "Guest Invited", what exactly does that do? Does this prevent the guest from being invited to use the Hospitality App?

                    Support Response

                    Thank you for contacting HomeAway Customer Support.

                    I'm happy to assist you about this matter. Let me sort this out for you.

                    Enabling/disabling Owner Notifications in Mobile Hospitality Manager, will NOT stop notifications to the guest.

                    Enabling/disabling Owner Notifications will stop notifications that you, as an owner, will see. It's purpose is to allow you to decide what you want to be notified about.


                              If the guest invites another guest to use Mobile Hospitality, you may want to know who has access to your rental information. In this case, you may want to enable Guest of Guest Invited.

                              If the guest is using the internet, you may not want to to be notified of this. In this case, you would disable Guest Using Web.


                    Thank you for understanding. We appreciate your patience!


                    My Reply

                    That is very interesting information and I believe you are referring to items in the settings tab.  My question related to the Activities tab and  what happens if I select "Guest Invited"

                    Support Response

                    We  appreciate you're keeping up with us!

                    You may want to enable 'Guest Invited' tab if you want your guest to access or view your property. Once they have confirmed on that invite, your guest will receive a mobile invitation code that needs to be used to access the property.

                    I hope this helps


                    My Reply

                    Thank you for your response.  Your response implies that if I uncheck "Guest Invited", then the guest would not get an invite?  Is that correct?


                    Support Response

                    I appreciate your immediate response!

                    In relation to your follow up question, yes you are correct. Once you have unchecked the "Guest Invited", your guest will not able to receive notifications automatically.

                    Thanks again!

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                      Senior Contributor

                      On the right side of most VRBO pages, there is a "Feedback" tab.

                      I found a bug on the VRBO system (the bug is that when I update the dates on my calendar, the "last updated" date does not update).


                      So, I figured I'd send in "Feedback" to the web team to have them look at this bug.

                      When you leave a comment, it asks for an e-mail address (odd, since I'm logged in -- doesn't it know who I am?).

                      I put in my personal e-mail address because, if they follow-up, I don't want e-mails going to my business e-mail.


                      The reply I got back... They won't even read my feedback on the website due to the fact that they weren't able to match my e-mail address with a current user on the system.  They called it a "Security issue".


                      Seriously?!  How does this make any sense.  Ludicrous.


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                        mydilloncondo Contributor

                        If the original agent had taken the time to look at your listing before sending her instructions, she would have seen that  you were trying to move the pin on a live listing (instead of one that you might have been creating that was not active, yet.)  A few minutes taken by the agent could have made all of the difference in her response and your satisfaction in the handling of your case.


                        Unfortunately this was not done because spending even a few extra minutes on each case would impact the agent's ability to meet her productivity goals.


                        It's too bad that the emphasis should be on the handling of a certain volume of cases instead of providing an excellent customer support experience for the customer.

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                          Regarding emails:  More times than not I have to reply back to the rep "answering" my email question saying something to the effect "your suggestions did not address my question.  Please read my email again as I was asking XYZ."  The majority of my second requests get an answer. 


                          From a quality perspective, I wonder how the customer service reps are being evaluated on the job? Seems the reps might be evaluated on the number of emails answered versus the quality of their emails.  Evaluating the quality of a rep's answer would take a lot of time so it's doubtful they are watching that. It's easier to track # of replies and # of calls taken. 


                          I've worked and trained employees in a call center environment, if you don't monitor their performance (verbal on phone and written) it can get ugly.  I have to say I am always pleased with the VRBO reps I've spoken with on the phone.  Email, not so much for the reason mentioned.  Then there are the emails that just don't get the respect of a reply at all.  The last one that comes to mind would have needed a supervisor's input…..still no reply.  Nice.