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    No response from homevaway customer service.?

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      Hi, I just started listing my property on homevaway, and along the way, I've had one questions as would be expected.  I have sent 5 e-mails and called several times.  Not once has anyone answered my calls, either at the time or ever returned a message.  Same with the emails, all unanswered.  Although I've gotten decent traffic from being on Homeaway, I feel pretty unprotected if something should go wrong.  I have 3 or 4 bookings.  And I think I'm getting the gist that after the guest pays with Visa, I get the money ( minus a fee by visa) in my bank acct., but it literally takes 5 or more business days.


      I would love any direction, advice, etc.. On 1) getting Homeaway to respond and 2) info., advice on payments, using visa vs. e-checks etc...


      Thanks in advance for any advice.