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    Scams from a renter

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      Beware of XXX. She rented my property in Las Vegas just recently checked out and the new guest checked in. At 3AM XXX tried to break in  only to find that the property was re rented. She was obviously was tresspassing. Trying to stay free thinking she wouldn't be notice. She rents for a time then breaks in. She is waiting trial for tresspassing. She has a two year old and a caretaker traveling with her. She is from Tum Tum Washington. She has a lot of cash on her. And likes to pay in cash.

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          I think you inadvertently must have deleted the part that these are allegations and your own personal speculations.


          Do be careful of making statements that could be used against you in a court of law in a defamation of character or slander suit. Our system states that all are assumed innocent unless found guilty in court of law.


          If I were you, I would consider removing this post. This is your first post under this user name and it appears you opened the account to create this post. The post is not to ask community members for input, it appears to specifically be established to target an individual you appear to believe has wronged you. If I were you I would not want a defense attorney to get his/her hands on this publicly posted message. You may feel someone may have been trying to step on your rights but that is not a defense for stepping on their rights.


          Pursue your remedy through the judicial system, don't place yourself in harm's way.