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      • Re: Student group needs insight from vacation home owners.
        anja Senior Contributor

        Hi Group of Students,  You could not have come to a better place to do this type of research.   Although I do not click on links, I thought you should know that you can get the views of Owners on specific rental-related topics, and perhaps find answers by using our 'search' field at the top of the page and search for these 3 terms:  "Interacting with guests" and "Screening" and "What travelers need to know".


        We've shared a lot of tips and suggestions, even rants {which are sometimes interesting} directly from Owners. Unless there is something very specific that you need, most of us have uploaded, and "unloaded" our views and suggestions in those three forum sections. And, the search function works great here.


        It would be interesting for us, Owners,  to know what you are working on?  Can you share that?  Maybe some of us can be of some further help.