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    I want to commend VRBO!

    twobitrentals Premier Contributor

      Hey everyone, I don't know if you remember, but I was very upset/concerned when all the information from my inquiry and subsequent communication disappeared when I cancelled the reservation so that I could open up the calendar to others that might want that time frame so that I could "try" to find a replacement  commitment and refund the cancelled folks money since they had an emergency and couldn't come.


      I asked VRBO to fix it so that even though it was cancelled, I had a papertrail of everything that transpired in the event that I ever needed it. Not to mention for IRS back-up.


      WELL....IT IS DONE! The cancelled reservation inquiry page shows all the correspondence back and forth, all the funds paid and/or refunded. Along with the date they accepted the contract. Well...EVERYTHING! YAY!


      I commend these wonderful folks for constantly striving to make "us", the owners, the beneficiary of the talented pool of folks working on our behalf ........................thus streamlining our businesses for us.


      THANK YOU VRBO!!! You are soooo appreciated!!!