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    How to deal with extorsion  by former guest


      I have a former guest who is looking for a substantial refund; which I am not prepared to give has none of her claims warrant a refund. She has set out emailing some of the sites I am listing on, stating that my amenities are false.I have  spoken to the guest whose change over date was with the extortioist and she loved the villa, had no complaint. I have also email guests who have stayed after and prior to this guest and they had no such experienence.


      I am not prepared to be bullied into a refund, if it was deverse I would be provide a refund.


      Between last summer with a new kitchen, bathroom upstair, pool table, new couches, fridge, I have spent over $25,000 in upgrades.   So far I think she is avoiding my listings with reviews and attacking those with out. I have email all my guests this year asking requesting a review of their time at the villa.So far I am getting a good response.