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    Bad Renters List-Let's do it

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      As owners and managers, I think that we need to take matters into our own hands. For any number of reasons, it is best to not involve this company in this process. There are several ways (and others you may have) to do this:


      start a private discussion group on facebook, by invitation from the administrator of the group using the owners and managers email address and telephone number as a check on the person to be invited. We could then have a rating system of the  problem occupants.  1-10   1-2 being will not rent and going up from there. That is really all that is needed with the owners contacting each other for further information. I have no idea how to set this up and keep a running list in these posts. I am sure there is one of us who knows how to set it up


      or, keeping a running list maintained by one or several owners where an owners or manager can inquire. That is difficult but at least we would have a list.


      There is absolutely no reason why we owners and mangers of homes should be flying blind on this thing with problem renters.