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    My nightmare returns or is trying to...

    codcape Contributor

      I want feedback from other owners, this is my story...


      I've been renting my Cape Cod home for 5 yrs, so, I'm a fairly seasoned at renting.  I have to say, I've had 4 good/great years up until last year.  Last year I rented to this person who was incapable of following process, he sent deposits to the wrong locations, they were also late.  Then a storm was approaching during the week that he secured and he called me numerous times wanting a refund prior to the storm even hitting.  I pointed out while discussing/debating with him that my storm cancellation policy is clearly stated in the contract and that the storm was hitting on a Sun and he was arriving on a Sat.  He had the option to arrive after the storm or early and ride it out - I warned him that it would be uncomfortable should the power go out and left extra flashlights, batteries and a radio.  His argument was that the roads may close while he's in transit which is total BS, he was clearly looking to stay at my home at a reduced rate.  To top it all off when he left the place was a mess!...It too me 3+ hrs to clean it when the norm is 1.5.  I have other issues I could site but I think you get the picture.  I never said anything to him last year as I just wanted him out.  So, last week I receive an inquiry from this guy.  I'm wondering how to respond?  I want to be blunt and just say "I have no interest in further business with you given my unpleasant experience last year" and call it a day.  My wife thinks I should create an excuse but knowing this guy he will continue to hound me.  He is very pushy and I just don't want to deal with him.  Thoughts??  Thanks for any advice.

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          sophie Senior Contributor

          This is easy.  Just tell him that that unfortunately the property isn't available for him to rent.You don't have to give him a reason. I would be nice and wish him good luck in his search.  Remember, he still has the capability to leave a review on your property from the last stay (if he hasn't already and the last thing you want to do is make him mad. There is no need to bring anything up from last year.  If he continues to hound you, block his email and don't answer your phone. He will move on. Keep us posted!

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            We agree with sophie.  The less you engage with this person the better.  If he's asked for a specific date, just say, sorry, it's not available and as sophie says, wish him well.  Be polite but brief with no explanations and he will move on.  If he continues to email you after you have said no, just don't respond.

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                msdebj Senior Contributor

                I agree with Sophie and Stj (as I usually do). No reason to go into detail. Just say it's not available.


                I use that line when I find some info that I consider "red flags"  as I research inquiries. You have to wonder if people know WHO sees their  Facebook pages! 


                It's your home, and you can rent to whomever you choose. 


                Hang in there!


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                codcape Contributor

                OK...sounds like a plan.  I just hope he doesn't hound me.  I will report back.

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                  I feel your pain. I used to long for returning guests but lately they are too much trouble. It seems that after they have stayed a time or two they think they can get whatever they want. This year has been the worst with them. I had one show up at 12:30 when check in is at 3 demanding to be let in even though the housekeeper wasn't done.  My poor housekeeper was so stressed. They have been asking for all kinds of freebies since they feel they are doing me a favor by renting each year.  They don't want to pay for dog fees because after all I know their dogs won't damage anything. They want in early and out late even though they know we book back to back all year.  I have decided that the guests who gave me any grief this year will not be allowed to rent next year. I plan on just telling them I have decided not to rent to them and leave it at that.  If they press me I will tell them the truth. It does not work to tell them it's not available. They just keep tabs on your calendar and will pester you to death if you aren't up front with them.

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                      I agree with the earlier replies when this thread was originally posted.  There is nothing to be gained from telling a former guest that you don't want to rent to them, and you could end up being the loser if they post a negative review in spite.  If you receive a request from someone who you do not want to rent to, you can just say that you are not accepting reservations for the dates in which they are interested because your family/relatives may be using the property on those dates.  If they see that the calendar is still available for those dates and contact you again, you can just tell them that your family/relatives still haven't decided whether or not they will be using the property.  If you subsequently block those dates because of a reservation to another guest, the first guest will just assume that your family has decided to stay at the property on those dates.