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    How do you report scams?

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      A guest is telling me she has accidentally sent me too much money and is begging me to send back the amount she overpaid.  It's a foreign name and the check has not yet come.  She says as soon as it setttles in my account she wants my word that I will send the excess back to her . .. although she hasn't mentioned how much she owes etc.  I"m guessing this is a big scam.  Is there a way to report her?

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          sophie Senior Contributor

          THIS IS A SCAM!!! Under no circumstance should you cash the check as it will bounce.  Check the forum under scams and you can read a ton on this particular scam. Tell her you know this is a scam and you will be reporting her.

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            thaxterlane Premier Contributor

            If the inquiry came through a paying site such as homeaway or vrbo, report it to the administrators of the site. 


            Otherwise I do not believe there is anyone or anywhere to report these online scams; there are so very many coming from all directions that they don't receive much attention.


            You could contact local law enforcement and ask if they have any recommendations for reporting the individual. 


            I woud advise ending communication with this individual. If you feel you must respond, simply tell them the rental will not work out.  If you wish to return the "payment"  return whatever form of payment you receive to the mailing address from which it originated.  But, if it's the usual overpayment scheme, I would throw it in the trash and not waste your money on the postage.


            If you have any reason to believe the individual is legitimate and simply made a mistake, you should request payment of the the appropriate amount and see what happens. 


            It doesn't sound promising based on what you have written.