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    Making a Rental Agreement "stick" in Reservation Manager

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      I love using Reservation Manager for handling all of my transactions, but is there a way to KEEP a Rental Agreement loaded/posted online and NOT have to re-load it occasionally when filling out the quote/etc? 


      I received in inquiry this morning and after talking with them on the phone, they wanted to book so I said "I'll send you the quote/rental agreement/etc right away..."  I was actually at my rental property doing some work and only had my iPhone (no computer).  When I went to send their quote, RM didn't show my usual Rental Agreement as being already loaded (even though I just sent another invoice/agreement the previous night on my computer.)   And, with just my iPhone, I could do everything EXCEPT the "Add Rental Agreement" -- iPhone just didn't work for that.  So, I had to wait until I got home to get them my Rental Agreement.  I later tried this on an iPad and it had the same problem.


      Bottom line request -- can I upload my Rental Agreement ONE-TIME and have it stick and always be available to use without having to load it again and again?  Or, next best thing would be for the website to work with iPhone/iPad for the "Add Rental Agreement".