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    Will Homeaway post any review?

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      Yes, we received our first bad review! That's not the problem, it's the way the renter talks about my wife who received the renter at the time. We rent out two apartments in Brazil. She is brazilian and I am from Norway. 90% of our clients are brazilians. This is our first review from a foreigner from the US.


      Let me start off by saying my wife tries extremely hard to please all of our clients. She always calls them up after they arrive to check that everything is ok. In this case, the renter does not speak any portuguese and his girlfriend, from Rio de Janeiro spoke poor english. My wife offered to pick them up at the airport for free and take them directly to the apartment herself. She called later on to check that everything was fine and they had no complaints. The girlfriend was going back to Rio, aparantly on an earlier flight, and he was leaving later that day. She told them that he could stay in the apartment to wait for his flight as there were no renters arriving that day. Later on, around noon, we received a last minute booking from some clients that would arrive the same day around 22pm at night. She called the client and kindly asked him if he could leave at 3pm so we could clean the apartment for the next client. Normaly, check out is at 12pm anyways.


      The renter, from the US, was aparantly not pleased with this request and wrote in his review:




      "Apparently the owner told her that I needed to be gone by 3pm that day! I was shocked. What owner allows you to stay for an indefinite time period and then changes her mind ? I thought she was the worse landlord ever. Do not rent from this woman she has no respect for anyone. I'm writing this review to let any respective renters or vacationer know that the owner is very very shady and this may happen to you at any time. If you rent from this owner you could end up homeless in Iracema. She gives no notice as to when she wants the apartment. She will call you the day she wants the apartment and will tell you to leave. Very very unethical."
      I think these words are indeed very hurtfull and my wife will be devistated if she reads this. She is very sensitive and does her upmost to please all of her clients. Our other reviews posted by our brazilian renters tell a different story. They praise my wife for being the best landlord ever. They use the words understanding, kind and caring.
      The review is still pending and has not been published yet. I hope Homeaway will choose not to publish this review as it is hurtfull, disrespectfull and untrue. I know there will always be some bad reviews. You can say whatever you want about the apartment, but saying my wife is disrespectfull and shady is not something I want to have written on my listing!
      So please Homeaway, don't publish this review. I have already sent you a costumer support email about this.
      Thank you!
      Andreas Bachmann


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          Hi Odin78,


          I'm sorry for the pain that this traveler review has caused you. A HomeAway customer support representative is moderating the review, and will let you know via email what the outcome is based on HomeAway's Review Guidelines. You should be hearing from that person shortly.


          Kind Regards,


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            How very mean spirited this person is.  Personally attacking an individual with such verbage doesn't seem at all fair - especially since her intentions were not only good, but over and above what she was obligated to do.


            I hope HA can help get this removed. This person not only assassinated your wife's character. He made untrue statements about the situation.  Shameful. He owes you and your wife an apology, in my opinion.

            Brings to mind the old saying " No good deed goes unpunished."


            I hope this works out well for you.


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              Homeaway decided to remove his review due to being in vialation of some guidelines. That's what they said anyway. Whatever reason, thank you for removing this HA.


              I never contacted the renter after the review was sent, nor have I intentions of contacting him. Thank god the review is removed and we can continue with our business.


              Thank you again!