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    2 separate questions - Multiple signatures, age

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      I'm a long way from starting any kind of rental with my house but had a couple questions that came to mind. I'm slowly but surely reading up on a lot of good info here and still learning.


      If a short-term renter is bringing many guests with him, does every single guest staying at the house need to sign the bottom of the rental agreement contract or just the ones paying? On some of the sample contracts I've seen they don't seem to leave room for many signatures or maybe I'm looking at the wrong ones. Or am I supposed to print a separate contract for every single guest? I'm thinking in terms of covering my butt in case there's a problem with someone in the group of guests.


      Also let's say this same group has some people under the age of 21 (state would be California). Does that make any difference in anyway as far as having them sign the contract? What about under 18? Thanks.





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          carol Premier Contributor

          I never have more than two people sign. Usually it's just one signature, the original person who contacted me (almost always the wife!!).  Sometimes they want me to write up the contract with two names, usually a married couple or two people in a committed relationship.  Rarely, it might be two siblings. 


          If you are worried that a single signer wouldn't be able to reimburse you for extensive damage, then maybe you need to screen your guests better!   I insist on at least one renter over the age of 30.  Only once did I break that rule -- for a group of 20-somethings who were part of a church young adult group, and they were wonderful and respectful of the house. 


          Honestly, it's a pain for me to edit out all the "she" and "her" words in my contract template and replace them with "they" and "their", so I prefer just one signer. 

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            lrbaldwin Active Contributor

            I wouldn't rent to anybody bringing a lot of guests, ESPECIALLY if they are singles.  This may not be practical for you, but we rent to family units only.  I get all names, relationships to the person signing, and ages and put all that information in the contract.  If you're worried about who will pay for damages, don't rent to them!



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                sophie Senior Contributor

                I also require all names of all persons stayng the night and ages if they are under the age of 23.  I also have this in my contract:


                If excessive cleaning is required after you leave, it will be charged to your credit card. The Guest who signs this reservation form/contract is financially responsible for damages/loss to the home, whether made by themselves, their family or other guests in their group or an invitee. 


                And..I limit the amount of people that are on the property during the day.

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                Our town only allows four unrelated tenants on a lease. You might wish to check your local town codes.



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                  harborfields Active Contributor

                  We only have one person sign the contract, but that contract states that the signer accepts responsibility for the behaviour of all members of their party (including any pets) as well as any additional visitors that they might host. In addition, the contract states that the signer agrees on behalf of all members of the signer's party and any visitors, to release, hold harmless and indemnify us from any and all liability claims, including those of third parties, arising in any way from the their use of the rented property.