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        Thanks Marilyn, I did not know this.  Glad you caught it before it got really bad!




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          New Member

          Got a new one today. Same inquiry for two separate properties. Both were accepted with the same exact response. I've copied below so you can beware.


          I replied to both with quite a few obcentities that I'll spare you. LOL




          I suspected this was a scam from the beginning because the person didn't capitalize their name. I know it's small and simple, but who doesn't capitalize their name? Of course, the reply and Ukraine address sealed the deal.



          As far as spotting them goes, my next big clue is when there are an abundance of typos or very poor grammar and punctuation. I'm sorry, but if you're not a scammer and can't form a complete sentence then maybe I just don't want to trust you with my house anyway.



          Another clue is when they use words that are strange. For instance, I had someone refer to my home as a "facility." That just doesn't make sense. Lastly, I had someone email me their credit card information once. I did a little research and contacted the credit card company first and they said that there was a hold on the account due to suspicious activity. Again, if you're not a scammer but stupid enough to email me your credit card number, then maybe I shouldn't be trusting you with my home. But let's face it... they are ALWAYS scammers.



          What a waste of our time! Is there anything VRBO can do to reduce this? What about those scramble word codes that you have to enter? Aren't those supposed to reduce scamming?


          From: stevan sXXXc [mailto:sXXXXXXXXXXXX20@hotmail.com]
          Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012 12:35 AM

          Thanks for the updated information.

          We are okay with the accommodation and cost  . I would also like to confirm the reservation .

          Our information is as follows

          Name : Mr & Mrs SXXXc

          Address :171 Tanuma yulia

          Odessa Ukraine



          I will arrange for check/draft payment drawn from a local bank in your country .

          Please do forward me the following details for payment

          FULL NAME

          BILLING ADDRESS (not P.O.box )


          Hope to hear from you soon



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            anja Senior Contributor

            This type of inquiry is 'old'...it's been around...we all get them.  I delete them, right away  I would never send a response.  Frankly, what I believe is a waste of time is responding to such an inquiry.

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              I suppose I should have mentioned that aside from the lowercase name, there was nothing suspicous about the original inquiry that would dissuade me from replying (no message, just regular fields filled in). It was their reply that indicated that it was obviously a scammer. At this point, they already have my email address so I see no harm in telling them what low-life losers they are and that they should get a life with a few explitives thrown in there for emphasis. It's my little source of satisfaction for the time they caused me to waste preparing the original quote.

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                Thank you...got this response last night and it seemed a bit off....thank you to everyone on here for the great information and help!!!

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                  lilyrose New Member

                  We recently had a reservation made by a Lisa HXXXXXXn. The first odd thing about the reservation was an area code for her phone number that didn’t exist in the United States. Repeated queries about where area code 546 was went unanswered. Then a sequence of odd things happened. She told me a check would be coming from her travel department but that they had inadvertently sent me her entire expense check. She asked me to Western Union the difference back to her (with instructions) upon receipt. A personal check came from a man named Frederick PXXXXXXn in an envelope with no return address and no reference to our vacation rental. I held the check for a couple of days wondering what it was for. In the meantime, Lisa HXXXXXXn is emailing me everyday asking if a check came on her behalf. I mentioned that a check did come, but I didn’t know if it was on her behalf. She named the maker of the check without any provocation on my part. I deposited the check and told her I’d have to wait for it to clear before sending her any money back. In the meantime, I’m feeling uncomfortable about this whole thing. She said I had to Western Union the difference back ASAP and that it was urgent, but now she wanted me to wire the money to another place, in the Philippines. I consulted an attorney and he said I shouldn’t honor this check for payment of the vacation rental without specific written instructions from the maker of the check. When I made this request, it was ignored and then there was silence. In the meantime, it appeared the check had cleared my account and I was getting ready to refund the entire amount back to the maker (and the address on the check) when my bank notified me that the check didn’t go through after all because the maker’s account was closed. The check was not refused. It did not bounce. The account was closed. Please be aware of a Lisa HXXXXXXn looking to rent your place in Mount Shasta. The reservation was for 1 adult and 2 children from 2/26-2/29.

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                    I received this exact same request (including this exact same address) from Molen Huligan!   Today I received another request with no verbiage, but a Ukraine phone #.  I do not plan to even answer the request.

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                      lilyrose New Member

                      Thanks for sharing!




                      Lela and Steve




                      Check out our website:




                      http://houseofbassandlilies.com <http://houseofbassandlilies.com/>




                      And for weather conditions:








                      And our YouTube video:








                      And what's going on in Mount Shasta:



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                        I also received a reservation request this week from a "Lera Kxxxxxx" from Kiev, Ukraine that had the identical wording.  There was nothing in the original VRBO inquiry to indicate that it was not legitimate.   When I receive a reservation inquiry, I do an internet search for the name and check the phone number before responding.  The phone number given had a vaIid US area code for the Columbus, Ohio area.  I  became suspicious, however, when I could find nothing on the internet for anyone by this name.  When I tried to call the number, it was not valid.  I have had inquiries, however, with typos so I didn't rule out that possibility. I responded by e-mail to the inquiry and told them that the date they wanted was not available (surprise - they had not bothered to look at my calendar).  There were a few e-mails back and forth about dates.  I told them that I needed a valid phone number because there was a problem with the one they had provided in the initial VRBO inquiry and I wanted to talk with them on the phone.  They ignored my request for a phone number and sent the stock reservation request that others have received.  I e-mailed back that the house was not available.


                        So, beware, these scam attempts are still being made - they are just using different names and addresses. 

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                          They're still alive and active.  Just got one today. 


                          Molenburg Huligan

                          171 Tanuma Yulia

                          Odessa, Ukraine 65000


                          I thought something was fishy, but didn't really put it all together until I tried to verify their address existed.  And, then, magickally, this scam thread came through on the google search.  Just goes to show - trust your instincts.



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                            I got the exact same one last week! Same name and address!


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                              I got this...I told them I'd be happy to confim once they filled out a  full credit and background check along with payment in full.


                              ..never heard back...what a suprise...



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                                lilyrose New Member

                                Thanks for sharing your experience!




                                Lela and Steve




                                Check out our website:




                                http://houseofbassandlilies.com <http://houseofbassandlilies.com/>




                                And for weather conditions:








                                And our YouTube video:








                                And what's going on in Mount Shasta:



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                                  I think that if we were all to band together and give the same answer, exactly the same one, perhaps they would all get the message that we are all together in fighting this. Perhaps if we were to ask for the very same credit check such as "we request a full credit check". just an idea!

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                                    New one from Nyuta BXXXXXXXXXXa at to add to your watch-list.


                                    They inquired about both my properties (which isn't uncommon) but sent a response back accepting the quote for both of them. How can you stay at both my houses at the same time? Idiots.

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