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    How do you deal with non payment of the final deposit?

    eturtlet New Member

      Our current policy is to accept only checks, bank checks or cash. We do not accept Paypal or credit cards. We ask for 50% at time of signing contract and the remainder 30 days before. I have a renter from Germany that says getting 'checks' is very difficult and his first payment took about 6 week so recieve. When the 30 day date came I reminded him that we required payment. I did not hear from him after sending two reminders. Last week, two weeks before his stay I received an e-mail saying he was trying to wire transfer the money to a special account I set up just for him. Still no payment. IF they send a bank check it will take weeks to get to me, definatley after thier stay. Has any one had any experience like this?...we're new to renting.

        • How do you deal with non payment of the final deposit?
          jamaicavilla Contributor

          You will need to set  final deadline, or suggest that they pay upon arrival in cash.

          • How do you deal with non payment of the final deposit?
            marym Active Contributor

            I recently saw a post re: wiring $$ into your checking account.  My thought is "No final payment? No keys or access."  Seriously - paying you AFTER they arrive?  I don't think so.  And once they get in, it will be difficult to get them to leave....Good Luck!!

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              iopbeachhouse Community All-Star

              I would stick to your policy. No payment then no access to the house. Never would I allow a renter in who had not paid. I send my renters an invoice with the payment date about three weeks before final payment is due. I give them a few days of grace on the due date, but that's it. I do call them and explain the need for immediate payment if it is not received. Overnight delivery service is then the only option. So far, we haven't had a foreign renter with an issue like this. I still wouldn't allow them into the house if they haven't paid the balance due.

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                msdebj Senior Contributor

                Not sure where you are. But when I travel to Europe, or elsewwhere I take a prepaid credit/debit card with me. This allows me to access cash ( euros, whatever) if I need to from any bank, exchange service. So he has no real excuse for not providing that final payment in cash, if you  allow payment when he arrives, BEFORE you allow access.


                As for your 30 day requirement we have the same.


                In today''s world there is no real reason money cannot be transfered in secure funds from anywhere in the world.  Ask your bank for advice (I imagine you're paying them some nice fees- they might as well work for their money! ;-)  ) It surely shouldn't take 6 weeks for such a transaction!!!


                Best of luck!

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                  anja Senior Contributor

                  I have guests from Germany frequently {I advertise in  Germany ...and I also have a website in the German language}.   Never has there ever been a problem for me with any of my German guests to get a cheque from their bank, in US$, without delay...and sent to me in about a week's time. I've had German guests, at their request, even bank wire funds to me, as well.  Never ever  had a problem with receiving money from Germany.  Seriously, I can't understand this "story" you are being told by this guest. Nothing should be standing in the way to cause such delays with this transaction...unless there is something else that we do not know.  I have guests coming from around the world ...from 29 nations {to date} have been my guests...and I've never had any problems getting money from anywhere in the world.

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                      New Member

                      Anja, we are canadians with a rental unit in the south of France.  VRBO seems to be a good source for US inquiries for spring and fall.  I'm not getting a lot of summer (high season) requests and would like to advertise in germany.  I would really appreciate the name of a good site in germany- I've looked and can't find anything I like.  Many thanks.  I'm also having problems with Americans paying in euros- they are perplexed by this and their banks don't seem to help.  So, I'm trying to figure out all the options...