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    Payment Program

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      Does anyone have any experience with the new Homeaway payment function?

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          I guess you're referring to the "Reservations Manager" function? I am on VRBO, but I imagine it's the same. I haven't yet used it, but did sign up, as it seemed an easy way to allow renters to pay via credit card and e-check (we have, up to now, only accepted checks or PayPal; lots of folks using PayPal this year.)


          I have been wondering if the "accepts credit card" icon will now show up by my listing, as it seems it certainly should, but I haven't seen it yet. I emailed customer service and inquired, so we'll see.


          Will be eager to see how this all works; seems simple enough.

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            I to am curious about this feature, I've yet to set it up, I have watched the video and it says you can even have the people agree to your rental contract online. Not sure how that exactly works but it would be convenient not having to make copies of the contract and scan them into the computer for every guest.

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              mike-dfv CommunityAmbassador

              I, too, have been thinking about using the new Reservation Manager; especially since you can now refund the Security Deposit without a fee. I'd love to read experiences anyone has had.



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                Hi everyone,


                Here is a great Community thread about HomeAway's new payment and booking platform, Reservation Manager.


                I'd also point you to a couple of other resources:


                • There is a Reservation Manager Group that you can join to learn about new Reservation Manager features and enhancements, as well as connect with (and ask questions of) the product team



                Hope this is helpful.


                All the best,


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                  Hi Everyone,


                  In addition to the links Laura provided, visit http://reservationmanager.com/howitworks to view more detailed videos on how ReservationManager actually works.




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                    I use VRBO  and the new payment manager system DOES NOT transition any of your payment requests or payment info / billings from the old system. 

                    Everything dissapeared from the system for my account.  I have no payment history or future payment requests that had been set up


                    Tried the contact / communications link on VRBO and it is an invalid link. 

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                      mike-dfv CommunityAmbassador

                      Thanks for the feedback, km. I'll hold off until they fix that.


                      Laura & Patrick, please keep us updated on that issue. It sounds like a big problem.



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                        Well, I've taken my first booking and received my first deposit through Reservations Manager. As we don't require a refundable security deposit, but rather a separate security deposit check that we don't cash upfront but hold in case of damage, I've had to modify things a bit, but, so far, so good! 


                        I'll be interested to see how long it takes for the rental money to actually arrive in my account.


                        I haven't noticed anything on my listing indicating that one can pay online now, but perhaps that gitch will be worked out.

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                          Congratulations on your first ReservationManager payment sunsetlady! Funds should be deposited into your account in 2 - 3 business days (probably Monday if you received payment today).


                          I wanted to let everyone know about a weekly ReservationManager webinar where we'll provide an online product demonstration followed by questions and answers with the ReservationManager product team.


                          View upcoming dates and register now!




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                            Hi km529 -


                            Without knowing the specifics of your issue, it sounds like you might be having a problem accessing the "Legacy Payments" link (formerly known as RMS) from the new VRBO dashboard. Although the VRBO dashboard looks very similiar to the HomeAway dashboard, "Legacy Payments" can only be accessed from your HomeAway dashboard.


                            The best resolution will be to contact Customer Support and they can help trouble-shoot and resolve this problem.


                            Best regards,

                            Patrick Duncan

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                              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                              I too have tried the Reservation Manager with payment option. I sent the request for payment. VRBO sent me a notice that the funds "in full" had been received. I have no idea if they paid with a credit card or E-check. there is NO breakdown of the funds received. It has not hit my account yet, so still don't know ...(today is Sunday).


                              When I use paypal, I get an immediate e-mail with the breakdown of what was paid and if there are any deductions.


                              Also, I get a monthly statement from paypal as to all my activity. This helps me with paying Sales Tax AND with calculating income and expenses for IRS.


                              Can someone tell me if there is a link for this type of accounting. I loved how quick and easy the billing part was, but am concerned that I may get bogged down in paperwork later on if there is not monthly statement???



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                                Hi Wendy -


                                You will also receive a disbursement notification email from VacationRentPayment (our processing partner) once the guest payments is deposited into your account - typically 2 - 3 businesss days after being paid.


                                Our product team is working to build out a number of reporting features and enhancements including displaying how your guests paid (V, MC, Discover, eCheck), as well as a reporting tool to enable you to better manage and account for your payments.


                                We will update the Community via the ReservationManager Group once these are live. Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the product.


                                Best regards,


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                                  twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                                  I am impressed already with how quickly my traveler paid, but am so very excited to see what you wrote here! Thank you!


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                                    twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                                    I still have not received funds in my account and it has been 5 days today since the funds stated they were received. with paypal, I am able to access my account and see where we are......is there a way to check on this. I don't even know if it was paid with a CC or check??

                                    HELP please! Account #281054


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