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    What's the most durable air mattress?

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      Help! I have a popular 3-bedroom rental in Los Angeles and frequently host parties that need extra sleeping space, so I have inflatable mattresses (air mattresses, AeroBeds) for them.


      The problem is, they are so not durable. I don't know if my guests are jumping up and down on them, or if they just aren't made to be inflated/deflated several times in a month, but typically I can't get one to last more than six months before it springs a leak.


      I'm tired of repairing them (and the hassles that come with an urgent call from my guest saying "um, the mattress lost air overnight, it was uncomfortable, can you please come fix this today so we can sleep tonight")... I'd like to buy a SUPER durable air mattress.


      I've shopped around and Googled for this without luck. Does anyone know of an air mattress that specfically markets itself as extra durable? The normal beds at Bed, Bath and Beyond just aren't cutting it. :-)


      I'd like the usual built-in electic air pump (so you just plug the mattress in a push a button)... but I don't care about extra bells and whistles (built in pillow-top, headboard, etc). I just need something made from stronger plastic, with reinforced seams.


      THANK YOU for your advice--