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    VRBO Sign for Property?

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      Does anyone know if VRBO has signs (or an affiliation with a sign company) that allows Owners/Managers to post that their property is for rent on VRBO? We have home in a vacation rental community where the rental companies post their signage on or near the houses so onlookers know where to go to rent the house (it also helps them find it). I would like a VRBO sign with our listing number on it or in the very least and VRBO sign.


      examples of signs:

      http://www.dietercompany.com/rental/house.html?ID=281&Avail=&Stay= and





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          tyann Contributor

          You can probably just order your own sign. For a yard sign, try www.vistaprint.com or www.gotprint.com. For a sturdy street sign type, try http://www.signsdirect.com/. Don't use VRBO's logo without their permission, though.


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              amyg Active Contributor

              Hmm...sounds like an opportunity for Homeaway to get into the sign business!

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                  I think it would be beneficial to VRBO and home owners if VRBO developed a partnership with a company like Vista Print or Go Print so people could more easily market their properties with signs, brochures, biz cards, etc. It would help VRBO help market VRBO too! 

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                      Hi Alison,

                      Thanks for the suggestion! I've communicated your idea to VRBO's customer advocacy group. They work with VRBO's product managers to make ideas like yours come to fruition, though I can't promise where it will fall in the backlog.

                      Thanks again,



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                        sophie Senior Contributor

                        IMO, I personally would never put a sign up on my properties stating it's a short term rental.  As a renter and staying at the property I would feel uncomfortable that other people knew I was on vacation and knew that I was doing "vacation" things.  As an owner, I wouldn't want it to be known around the entire neighborhood either, mainly for safety and the knowledge that it could be vacant at certain times.


                        Also, the majority of people that are renting your short term property are not going to be locals that are driving by looking for a vacation rental.

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                            anja Senior Contributor

                            I do not sign post, do not want to sign post. I agree with "sophie"...for the reasons she stated.  And, privacy and security issues, and the ugly signage is, ugly.  In my area, we have a local ordinance all business must follow to keep the roads, neighborhoods uncluttered ...no signs on any roads...and no signs in front of our homes -- this is island wide. I love that!  No ugly marring signage.  This is a semi-rural residential location, peaceful and undisturbed, none of us want a "flow" of outside traffic of "onlookers" into our little subdivision.  In fact, a few times since I've been in business, I have "discovered" strangers roaming around my property because the cars were not on the driveways or in front...and they probably thought we were empty.  {I noticed their vehicles and we went to speak to them.} They just wanted." to have a look" at the property and maybe get a peek...for their future vacations to Hawaii".  They were on vacation "exploring" the different locations....just doing research for future. Sounds innocent, right?  No. My cottages were booked that week and I thank GOD they were out.  The "explorers" were given  my full address from other people who stayed with us. I thought, coming unannounced and uninvited was incredibly rude....(but I did not treat them rudely...they were nice and we talked...but I do not show the units if someone has booked them). It's a form of advertising {signate outside} we do not do here. The area is so pretty...why pollute it with company commercial signs?!  Yuk.

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                                I've seen Vacation Rental signs pop up where my home is located. My first reaction is "uggg". Second is - "Oh Boy, hope they have a great security system." 


                                I'd never post such signage on my home. Our residential area is a reason folks want to stay with us. They want to blend in and not have the world know they are temp. renters. 


                                Plus, during "low season" it would scream " empty house".  But - to each their own.

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                              Oh great - another way for VRBO to "get involved" in our rental properties....but wait, they're not a party to our rental contracts....only when they want to be or have a product to  sell...

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                          thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                          Please, no rental signs. First, it's tacky.  Next, there are the security concerns such as vandalism and theft.  Then there's the concern about rental signs diminshing the overall appearance of a community.  As an owner I find signage unappealing, and as a renter I would not want to have my choice of residence advertised as temporary to anyone and everyone.  I can't help but have a bad feeling about everyone in a community knowing I was unfamiliar with the area.  I would feel vulnerable and exposed.  Perhaps that's just me; but I imagine others might have a similar response.  After all, it wasn't too long ago that rental car license plates were changed to remove this designation to protect visitors that were targeted because they were unfamiliar with the area /  would have cash and other valuables of interest to criminals. 

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                            My feeling is that if you want a sign, it is easy to get one made. Why have a middle-man (VRBO) making a profit?


                            That being said, I personally, would never want a sign on our house indicating it is a short term rental. Because of the economy, there are people in our area looking for houses to burglarize.


                            I work very hard to make our house look lived in even when it is empty.

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                              carol Premier Contributor

                              Very interesting discussion!  Our street gets lots of pedestrian traffic of visitors to this shore community, and I wanted some tasteful way to let them know that my home was available for rent.  Our town has jillions of rules about signage (it's an historic district) so a red & black FOR RENT sign from the hardware store was not an option.   I stopped by a local shop where you can paint your own ceramics and painted "Fine Seaside Rentals" and my personal web site on the rim of a dinner plate, and a few sea shells in the center.  I hang it on a column of my front porch, visible to passers-by but not "in your face".   


                              But after reading some of your cautions, I think I will leave the plate out only during prime season when the house is always occupied.    No need to advertise when the house is empty, and there's very little foot traffic anyway over the winter.