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        Got on line to find one of your posts. Am interested in how your time in the VI was spent.. at least the part you can verbalize.  Can not find your personal email address. Bill Tennessee

        About time to buy another keyless lock as well and still would like to have one that works seamlessly with automoatic thermostat and of course does not depend on the wi fi in the vacation rental.

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          Thanks for your input, things seem to be working well so far!



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            Hi All,  We really like the idea of a keyless entry.  We're just tired of sending keys all the time, but it sounds like this better suited for condos than houses.  We have 4 doors we'd need to have locks for.  I called the Resort Lock folks and they can key them all alike and set it so the codes would be the same for all four, but their best solution is to sell me 4 locks at $300 a lock.  Anyone have any better solutions?  Thanks.  David

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              Let me know what you come up with. We have 2 doors, but no power to wire the lock into, and our Island has HUGE problems with power outages, etc. It rains, the power blips.


              For now, I'm just sticking with my key lock box(es). I can't afford  an electrican, installation and other costs unless I know some thing is weather/power proof.


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                I use the Schlage Link locks on my 2 houses.  I did install them on each door and I control the codes for each tenant on each door via internet.  If you buy directly from Schlage they will key all the locks the same or you can get them at lowes.  You only need one starter kit list for $299 and the additional link locks/dead bolts are $199 each.  The starter kit comes with a light module which is great for a house to boost the frequency to the locks.  You can even use just dead bolt for the owner's closet and the tenants never get the code.  After you set up the online service you get to name each lock.

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                  sophie Senior Contributor

                  On some of my homes, I do have regular coded locks. They are Schlage but NOT the link locks.  You can get them at Lowes or Home Depot and they are around $100 each. They are battery operated but you can't program them from your computer. You have to have your housekeeper or you program them manually. I think they hold about 5 codes so you could program them for the next 5 rentals and you wouldn't have to do it every time

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                    I paid  about $50 for mine.


                    Has anyone ever had a security breach such as a previous guest come back into your home with a copied key?


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                      we have been using Schlage locks for the past year on three of our condos. They work well. I have seen them at Lowes/Home Depot with a wireless (computer program) version, we just use the standard ones (here in Hawaii they cost $130) as we live nearby and can change the code as required. We did leave the previously installed deadbolts in place, some guests like having the added security especially at night.

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                        We've loved our keyless entry system from ResortLock! Haven't had it installed too long yet, but so far it has worked great for the guests, as they can put a short three digit code in for their own personal use. Why would your guests need a key for all the entries? We leave a key in the house for the garage (the Resort Lock comes with its own separate key so the key we leave only opens the garage), which is detached from the house, and don't give them keys for other doors. Our garage doesn't have anything in it that would be worthwhile for anyone to make a copy of and come back to steal. Do you feel it's too inconvenient for your guests to go to the one main door when they want to get in from outside?


                        Also, ResortLock runs on batteries, needs no external power source or wireless connection. I installed it myself and it was complicated and time-consuming, but not terribly difficult. The company people were very helpful when I called with questions.

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                          As another poster asked, must you go keyless on all four doors?

                          Do the doors automaically lock behind the guest as they depart?  That could be an inconvenience for sure.

                          A thumblatch deadbolt lockable from the interior only would be my solution.

                          If you have deadbolt that is keyed both in and out I can see the issue but installing the thumb latch on the interior would solve that issue. 

                          I am a fan of Resort Lock, granted I have them on two condos. 

                          I replaced the Schlage cylinder with a higher level security Schlage to thwart any attempts to make copies should an unscrupulous property worker or guest gain access to the key.  I keep a single copy in a lock box at the entrance in case of emergencies.  I've only had to permit access to the key safe on two occasions in the 2.5 years.

                          Electricity and internet connectivity problems at the vactaion rental location made ResortLock the better choice for me.  The fact that there is no ongoing fee to gain access to the code generating site was also a big selling point.  I opted for the key fob programming software and have issued permanant keys to the property management and housekeeping staff.  Although there has been no need I can survey the lock (must be onsite) and recover the history of the last 1000 code users. (it may be more but I can't recall).  I installed them myself in less than an hour.  Programming learning curve for the software was about an hour.  Online code generating learning curve is maybe 15 minutes.  Tech support has been great. 


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                            We use Schlage locks (from Lowes) on our property and are very pleased with them.  Batteries last a long time and they have great customer service.  We had one which would not work properly after being in service for 3 years, called them and they sent me new lock quickly.  Of course I now have a spare as I had to purchase one to work until I got the new one but I am fine with situation.


                            We do not change code each time we have new renter, but do so often.   However, we have a deadbold in addition to the lock so anyone staying is secure even if someone prior had the code.  We also have all contact information of anyone who has stayed at each property should there ever be a problem.


                            Having no keys is wonderful!   We usually greet anyone checking into our properties, but in the rare event that they are coming in the middle of the night we give them the code the day of check in.  We never give codes out early.






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                              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                              I only have my front door with a keyless lock AND you don't need power for it to work, only batteries! The codes match with a computer program, but they don't talk to each other, they just match up based on times/dates.

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                                I have owned the Kwik Set (because of the easy key programming) then replaced that with the Schlage key pad lock and have loved it but needed more for programming options and now have just put in the Resort Lock.  I agree that this is the best of the 3 that I have tried.

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                                  swlinphx Premier Contributor

                                  What programmng options did you need?  Do you live close to your rental or is the Resort Lock just for people who live far away?

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                                    For me (What programming options that I need) is to be able to give different codes to each renter while at the same time knowing who, and when renters as well as maintenance people enter the premises.  It is important for me to also know that their codes expire at the times you have designated so that the renter can not get in early and is nudged to get out on time (when they go to pick up some coffee after check out time and find their code no longer works). And in my particular situation I do not have an Internet connection in the house and the free wifi signal is not strong enough to be confident that I am getting a signal on a regular basis.  So I do not have the option to use systems that program the locks over the internet.  While I have really liked the Schlage as it uses less energy and mechanics as the Kwik Set and has the best quality of all three I really wanted the programming options which are just a few of them. I live within 35 minutes of my property.  If you are on site handing out keys then you would not need this lock unless you wanted record of entry and exit. 

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