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        Can someone help me with the ResortLock? After reading all the above, I decided to do it, so ordered it and finally seem to have it properly installed. The problem is, I can't seem to get it to lock. It appears the directions say a User Code has to be entered first, which I think I did. Now what is the procedure for locking the door? I've tried entering the User Code and then # sign, but nothing has happened. I can't find anything in the installation or instruction booklet saying how to lock the door. If you can help, THANKS!  



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          Actually all you have to do is hit the "schlage" button.  You should hear the click.  Turn the lock.  That's it!  No code is needed if the lock is the "open" position.



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            Another tip; do not use the battery that's included in the package (Erental lock), it died after not even 3 months. This required a trip down south to reprogram.... I suggested to ERental lock to tell clients to NOT USE the battery it comes with and buy a brand new one. It's supposed to last a year. Other than that it's really easy to use. Good luck

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              Thanks, Laura, but what do you mean by the "schlage" button? This is not the Schlage keyless sytem, so would I have that? I'll keep trying with the "programming" functions and see if anything seems to work, but so far no luck and we won't be able to lock up tonight if can't get this figured out!

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                Thanks for the tip, but mine didn't come with batteries, so maybe ResortLock figured that out. As I've read several times above about batteries dying, I've got it on the list to replace them every year when we come here.

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                  Actually, I'm a little frustrated overall with the very simplified instructions that ResortLock has in their booklet. They must be meant for professionals who can remember all the things that need to be checked as you go along, but it's taken me about 10 hours to get this installed (yesterday and now today), because it didn't remind me of things like being sure that the rubber flange wasn't slightly off before tightening screws or not to let the door close before I was finished as it is locked before you put the outside key in, so we got locked in last night.


                  Now, the QUICK START GUIDE says **Important: Your lock will not lock until a valid User Code is programmed and used on the lock...User Codes are the codes you will use to unlock and lock your door." Well, the door is unlocked and it seems I need to lock it with the user code, but the guide doesn't tell me what steps to take to lock the door... Frustrating!

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                    You got this from eRental Lock, right?  The one I received (and the ones on their website) are reprogrammed Shlage units.  You should have a Shlage button above the number keys...do you not have that?

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                      sorry, I misread your post thinking you had a lock from eRental Lock, not Resort Lock.  I don't have that unit.  If you don't end up having good luck with the resort lock, I highly recommend the eRentalLock as it is an actual Shlage unit which is a high quality unit...one of the one's I have has had the battery for two years.  The battery is only used to disengage the lock - you have to physically turn the lock yourself to unlock the door which saves a ton of battery juice.


                      Anyway...good luck!

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                        Resort lock has two modes, I think thy are called classroom or stotehouse.

                        Storehouse locks at each entry and classroom stays unlocked after the

                        teacher arrives so the students can come and go. Sounds like yours is set

                        for classroom.  I don't know how to change it without the softwate. If it's

                        critical call the emergency# and on on-call person should call you back in

                        a fee. Of not critical call in the am. Mountain time.


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                          I got it!  Just kept trying things that seemed logical until finally it did the beeping and locked. Probably when I tell them they need to add that to the booklet, they'll point out to me exactly where it says it, but I've been over and over this booklet and sure don't see it... What a relief!

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                            Thanks, but you'll see I got it! However, the two stages are in the guide and they are Storehouse and Passage. Which do you use on a regular basis? Seems like Storehouse, so when would Passage be used? Thanks!

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                              This is funny; my husband was re-programming the lock (had to fly down to change expired batteries), he forgot to close the balcony door and slam! he locked himself out WITHOUT the key! Luckily our neighbour was home and let him in to use her computer. He had to re-issue a new code. Usually we do this together and one of us always has a key.

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                                Yes we do. It works great but we learned our lesson and left a key behind "just in case". Our place was being rented out "big time" behind our backs and that's why we installed the keyless system (we also changed property managers).

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                                  Wow! Now that I've figured out my ResortLock and run several tests of it as if a renter coming in late at night, including changing the code to something that's easy for me to remember (3 digits), it looks like this is going to work great. Wish I'd known about it four years ago when first renting this property. Instead, I've been paying a prop mgmt co about $3400 a year. Terminated them last week when I placed the order for the ResortLock and have been praying that it would work as promised. I believe it's going to and so now maybe we'll get closer to at least breaking even on this fiasco I got us into. What a relief!


                                  Thanks, also, to everyone who offered their help to get me setup right. I couldn't believe it when the responses came so quickly! Love you all!

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                                    Passage mode is like it says,an example would be that you have contractors at yoru place and they go in and out all day long, Passage mode allows the lock to stay unlocked until placed back into storehouse or classroom.


                                    As for batteries once a year should be the standard time to change them, in my opioion that every brand of lock. Manufactures say theyll last longer than a year and up to 3 years or 100k cycles etc, but theres a lot of factors that wear batteries down, cold, heat, amount of usage etc. if your using a name brand battery not a cheap brand battery. The cheep batteries can actually almost damage the electronics, plus they dont last as long. ive found that the cheap brand batteries actually put out more voltage than normal, which puts more stress on the electronics, and by putting out a little more voltage than normal the battery dies quicker as well . Use the normal energizer,duracell etc and it will be more than fine for a year.

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