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    Keyless entry experience?

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      I'm interested in hearing from anyone with experience with the "ResortLock" keyless entry system that uses batteries and has all date//time combinations already programmed, specifically their heavy duty RL4000 model with a weatherproof keypad.  I have a beach property with mostly weekly rentals.

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          We use the Orocode 660 lock from Kaba. www.kabakeylesslocks.com Web based interface for generating codes, great durability, 2 year warranty. We work with 30+ owners who have this lock and have had only 1 malfunction in 2 years. I am very satisfied. I have heard mixed reviews on the Resort Lock.


          Mike Cushing


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            My experience with keyless entry was not good. After just one month it failed to function due to it's proximity to the ocean and the keypad was on the "protected" side of the house, not subject to the salt spray. Quite a pricey option that failed way too quickly. Great in theory but not in function in a seaside setting.

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              Carlene, can you confirm which lock you were / are using so there is no confusion.




              Mike Cushing


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                It was a brass schlage product, not sure which model, but similar to FE575. As I said, only used it for a matter of weeks before the ocean atmosphere ruined the sockets under and around the push buttons. Went back to the standard keyed lockset.

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                  Thanks Carlene, I would have assumed you were originally referring to the Resort Lock, so thank you for clarifying.


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                    couldn't resist adding... we're still safe enough to use the geranium pot as the key safe if needed here in rural Normandy!

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                      We've been using a keyless entry system now for 5 years. It's great!! Our vacation rental is on the ocean and we've had no problems with corrosion or failure of operation. We can change the code at will, although we never have. Our guests love it!! And it frees us from the key exchange proceedure.

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                        We use keyless entry to all our rentals. It's worked out great. We bought ones from Lowes. Not sure what the name is but I think it cost between $100 to $140. They work great and I only need to replace the battery every 6 months.   You can create codes for your house keeper or handyman. It's much easier then exchanging keys. Though as a backup just in case the battery dies or something fails. We have a standard lockbox that the guest can use to get the actual key.

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                          I believe the original poster is asking about a rather sophisticated system that allows for either remote management and/or advanced memory settings - more expensive and more industry specific than the type you'll find at the local Lowes or Home Depot.  For sites where the owner is not local and able to change / reset the locks easily, these types of locks are worth the money.


                          But for those of us reading this thread who ARE local to our rental properties, a couple words of advice:


                          Schlage and Kwikset are the two leading electronic combination locks available to the general public. 


                          For our purposes, we went with the Schlage Plymouth model (available in brass, brushed stainless, etc).  Why?


                          The Schlage system uses the keycode to only engage the handle.  The moving of the deadbolt itself is performed by the person turning the handle itself.  The Kwikset on the other hand, actually moves the deadbolt when the key code is typed in.


                          Why does this matter?  Two reasons:


                          1: Since the Schlage only engages the handle but doesn't move the deadbolt itself, it uses far less electricity meaning the batteries last MUCH longer.  Yay for not having to change batteries, no matter how easy or hard it is!


                          2: If the door isn't closed all the way, or doesn't line up quite right, the automated deadbolt of the Kwikset might not go into the doorframe completely or at all, and may have difficulty pulling out when trying to open.  If the renter doesn't latch the door all the way and types in the code before walking away, they might not even realize the door did not get bolted.  WIth the Schlage, the renter has to turn the handle and can feel whether it has gone all the way in, and can give the handle enough force to turn the lock to open it even if the door has swelled in warm weather.


                          I can't speak to the longevity of either in salt air, but I can tell you that the Schlage allows me to enter what has so far been an infinite number of 4 digit codes (they can be removed by resetting the lock too).  By the way, we always set the code for each rentor, using the last 4 digits of their phone number so they can always remember the number.


                          We LOVE the fact that people can arrive in the middle of the night and let themselves in.  And they love that part too.


                          Tom C.



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                            How about our sophisticated system... keys under the geranium!!!

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                              Yahoo!  Thank you for telling me, tansy, now I am definitely checking all the geranium pots when I go to Normandy.  If I'm going to find all sorts of keys hidden in geranium pots, I'll have a much easier time with my new career as a cat burglar.    Sure beats trying to pick locks with bone keys!!!


                              (just kidding!)


                              Now you'll have to change the flowers to daisies or something else ... change it up and keep the burglars guessing. 



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                                We have been using the ResortLocks on our properties for over 3 years now and have not had any problems to speak of. Our properties are in Florida which can have differing and extremes of weather.


                                Utilising the 4000 series the fitting is quite simple (you can see the whole fitting and operations system on resort locks web site.) http://www.resortlock.com  at around $350 not cheap but as in life you only get what you pay for. Available in brushed steel and brass check out the new ones with the mortice deadlock.


                                One of the benefits of this system over other similar systems is the fact that you dont have to pay an annual fee.Like the Kaba Locks I believe.

                                Nor replace broken flower pots!!!!


                                The codes can be set up on line and it even transmits a nicely worded email direct to the renter explaining the operation of the entry system as well as how to change the 10 digit entry code to something that the renter might be more familiar with. You set the entry times and importantly the exit times.

                                One time entry and tradesmen entry codes easily generated and if you go the whole 9 yards and purchase the add on package, you get your own ikey and access to the trail sytem that keeps record stored of all entries and exits over a period of time.


                                If I have had any problems, the staff at RL have talked me through it expertly and quickly.

                                I think its a great system and works well for us and the other homes that we manage.

                                Simple to use, great back up and a very competetive price. Thouroughly recommended.

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                                  We have switch our locks in May from regular key locks to the Schlage Link and LOVE IT!


                                  We can control at what time the tenant checks-in and checks-out and can put in codes from home or work for any repairmen that need to be get into the houses when we or the tenants are not there.  Our housekeeper was happy when we switched over because she doesn't have to worry about having a key or loosing it.  Yes we have has past housekeepers that lost our keys or refused to return them when we terminated their services. 


                                  Our properties are in Ocean County NJ on the bay 2 block from the ocean, the Jersey Shore, we got the brushed nichel finish since all our past locks had the same finish and were never affect by the salt air.  Our original steel door (the one the builder installed) corroded and our locks were perfectly fine.


                                  I highly recommend the Schlage Link system.

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                                    We just installed our Schlage system and absolutely love it. It's so simple and now I don't even bother with keys anymore. We do not have the LiNK system as I'm not paying $8.99/mo for the service, I plan to allow my housekeeper to program in new codes whenever she cleans and sets up for the next tenant.


                                    Since all the electronics are inside the lock and you manually turn the deadbolt, it works just like any other lock and can't imagine salt air having any effect on it.

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