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        We found that the first year we rented people always complained about how they left the house clean or argued about how expensive the cleaning was. Now we just include it in the price structure.

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          We charge $125 for cleaning and $150 if the guest departs on a Saturday (because my housekeeper charges us more).  I try to keep it even with what my housekeeper charges.  If her price goes up, so does mine.  My cabin has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths...1100 square feet.  And we have to add tax to the cleaning fee as it is considered part of the rent.  I don't have her clean after we have been there, and occasionally, not after some trusted friends or family members.  I have a check out list that includes emptying the frig, starting the dishwasher, loading the washing machine, securing all the doors and windows, checking the registers and setting the heat down,taking out the garbage (our cabin is in bear country), etc. The cleaning fee is separate because it is the same whether the guest is there for 2 nights or 10.  It would be unfair to build it into the nightly price. 

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            That's exactly how I do it:  "the rate is $X/night.  With the cleaning fee ($X) and taxes (X%) the total for your stay would be $X."


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              That sounds good but wouldn't work for us as we have 3 night rentals and an extra $20/night wouldn't nearly cover the cleaning.


              We don't bother with deposits--as long as we have a credit card on file.

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                I guess I don't really understand the point of listing a "cleaning fee" as a separate item.  My rates are all inclusive and the cleaning is just part of the fees charged.  My rates depend on the number of guests, number of nights.  I set a base rate for 2 adults;  additional adults are $10/night; children ages 3 to 17 are $5/night.  I have a two night minimum rental and the rate per night declines with the length of stay - for example - 2 nights are $170/night for 2 adults; add a 3rd & 4th night for $140/night;  5 - 6 nights @ $130/night; 7 - 13 nights @ $125/night; etc..... 


                My cleaning ladies charge me by the hour.  Sometimes the cleaning takes just 3 hours; other times it can take 6 to 8 depending on the number of people and length of stay.  I pay for cleaning as well as all other costs out of the rental fees received....why should cleaning be separated out?  To me it is just as ridiculous as if I had a separate charge for an electricity; water; garbage, clean towels, etc...!


                I recently bought 2 tickets for flights from Pittsburgh to Hawaii for a two week trip - believe me - not cheap!  And the extra $25 fee to check a bag on each flight irritates the heck out of me.  I think my guests  would feel the same if I added on separate cleaning fee.

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                  yes,  us too,   in alabama 11% tax  plus cleaning fee-    some add other fees as well i have noticed on vrbo-    booking fee,   parking passes,   phone,   etc.......lol-      i agree its easier to include the fees for the stay in your nightly/  weekly /  monthly rates........    then i get requests wanting me to waive ALL fees  included hoping to knock 700 off the amt....lol-    aint happening..........my motto is if you cant afford to pay you cant afford to stay-     sorry folks ,    not running a charity over here-  

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                    But it's really all one and the same--it's just a matter of how it's stated. Either it's tacked on separately, or you're paying for it in the rental when it's built-in and therefore a higher nightly/weekly rate.

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                      Well lets see that's $30 an hour.

                      Do you really think $30 an hour is the correct wage? In our area daycare workers make on average $7.50 an hour?

                      I know it is the going rate where we are but I also find it ludicrous that some one who cleans homes should be entitled to 4 times what is paid to the person who watches your kid. In fact show me other unskilled labor that routinely makes $30 an hour.

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                        If it's a normal size home there will be 2 cleaners in at the same time. If it is a very big home, probably more. That makes the $30 dollar/hours dwindle to a 7.5-15 dollars per hour.

                        I wouldn't say that it is something someone will do a fortune on.

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                          Not true there are 2 cleaners who are there about 1 1/2 hours

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                            OK, then I agree!

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                              The average salary for New York City bus driver or station officer (ie the person who sells your train ticket) is 88K/year + 3 weeks vacation + pension + healthcare for life. Toll booth collectors = $26/hour...  Bankers make more than educators, nurses, or doctors, even though they don't raise your kids and will never hold your life in their hands. But this thread isn't a discussion about the screwed up value system, or lack thereof, pervasive in US job markets. If anything its a question of your own values. For most people their home(s) are their most valuable asset. Do you really want to hand the keys to your most valuable asset over to lowest bidder? If you owned a Ferrari would you complain that the valet is getting $30 to park and wash your car, or would you just stick a quarter in the meter? Would you service the engine at a dealer or bring it to Midas? Most properties are worth more than Ferraris...


                              $20 - $ 30 / hour is fair for a quality and trustworthy cleaning person. In most cases these people are your eyes and ears on the ground, providing you with valuable feedback about your tenants, the condition of your home, and your front line of rental property management. If you're just paying anyone off the street for labor, or likewise a commercial service that doesn't provide you with feedback, you might want to examine your own management practice and precisely who you are employing to assist you.


                              In many instances rental properties are not local to the homeower so its valuable to have someone to give you feedback. Maintaining an open dialog with your home service providers is critical to your rental business as well as the long term health of your property.


                              PS. I'm all for inverting the polarity of American wages, and I'm no 'socialist'

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                                Very well put John!  I pay by the cleaning and it comes out to about $25 an hr. depending on how long it takes.  If the cleaning was excessive I add to it.  It is hard work and must be done right.  And I thnk day care workers deserve much more than they receive.  State employees also provide a vital service by definition or they wouldn't be working for the state and deserve good pay and benefits.  I could say much more but won't since this is really not the forum for that.

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                                  This is how it was explained to me when I asked why my niece, who cleaned cabins at a resort, made $9/hr but someone with a private cabin had to pay a cleaner $25/hr--the going rate. My niece is guaranteed year-round work and 40 hrs a week most of the year (in winter they do deep cleaning when there aren't so many guests), while the self-employed cleaners basically don't get 40 hrs a week and aren't on anyone's payroll year-round. In my area, a mountain community, they are super busy from June to Sept, but not so much the rest of the year, except holidays and here-and-there.

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                                    I have two beach condos in Coronado, California.  One is a 700 square foot studio and one is an 800 square foot one bedroom.  I charge the tenant up front my cleaning lady's charge of $50 for the studio and $60 for the one bedroom but I have wording in my leases that says the tenant may be deducted (from the security deposit) any additional fee the cleaning lady may charge for an extra dirty apartment at the end of the lease.  I have only had to charge extra one time.  I don't waive this charge even though some tenants leave the place very clean as I like to keep the housekeeper happily employed and most tenants are not going to be able to do the laundry and make the bed before leaving on their last day.  My leases start at Noon on the first day of the month and end at Noon on the last day of the month, allowing the apartments to be cleaned the morning of the first day or the afternoon of the last day so as to be ready for the next tenant.  I don't encourage but occasionally allow a tenant to bring a small dog which worked fine until last summer when, after returning myself to one of the apartments after a dog had stayed, I was pleased to find the apartment impeccably clean but after the first day had flea bites all over my ankles and legs and was in great discomfort for almost a month.  Now, regardless of whether a dog is wearing seventeen flea collars, I charge a spraying fee of $100 up front to prevent that happening to a subsequent guest who could sue me for such an occurrance.

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