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        You are right about the tax advantage...  you do not have to charge sales/use tax on the cleaning charge... so comes out much better on your totals at the end of the year.

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          I rent 25 homes on Lake LBJ, TX. Our cleaning fees are 2 bedroom - $95, 3 bedroom - $125 and 4-5 bedrooom - $150-$175.

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            our cleaning charge is included in our rental cost unless the stay is less than 5 days for our rental homes in florida

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              Yes.  We have a 2 story, 2100 sq ft 5BR, 3 1/2 BA house.  Our guests have the option of cleaning it themselves or paying $125 for us to do it.  We are the last out before each guest and the first in afterwards.  Our 2 years of experience has been that all but one guest has chosen to pay for the cleaning.  Most leave it neat, and broom-swept, but not 'clean' for the next guests.  We also provide all linen, with beds made.  If we were to pay to have the cleaning and linen taken care of, it would probably cost us around $200. 

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                We have a single family home on the Gulf of Florida. We keep our rental prices very reasonable compared to others in the area, so we do charge for cleaning. It costs us $125 per clean and that is what we charge. 

                Regarding people asking it they can do their own clean. We would insist on our home being cleaned by our own cleaner, as there is no guarnatee on how the house would be left/cleaned and we want everyone to enjoy a lovely clean house when they arrive.

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                  We have a 2000+ sq ft (2 floor) villa in Turkey.  We charge $100 per week (or partial week).  This covers change of linens and cleaning.  We always leave basic cleaning supplies in the villa for quick clean ups if the tenant wishes and there is laundry facility if they want clean sheets/towels more often (they can wash themselves).  We have not had any complaints so far.  This is a very common practice in Turkey.

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                    I charge $ 80 for cleaning fee. I have one baad, dinning room and full equieped kichen.

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                      I own and operate a condo on the island of Molokai that's about 600 sq. ft.  We charge $75 no matter if it's a 2-night stay or a month.  Our cleaner charges us this amount plus laundry. If it's a month stay she charges us $100 plus laundry.  For short stays we ask our guests to empty the trash nightly due to bugs and **** roaches and to keep up the dishes.  Upon check out we ask that all wet towels be placed into the tub.  For those staying a week or more we ask the above be done and that the unit be vacuumed.  For those who like a cleaner unit we provide cleaning supplies or cleaning services can be arranged separatelyl with the service.


                      We make it very clear in our rules and regulations and in the signed contract that if the unit is left in what is considered to be dirtier than is considered "normal" by the cleaning service, then we have the right to charge the guest extra up to 30 days after they vacate the unit because we, as the owners, will be charged extra by the service to clean the unit.  The same holds true for damages, theft, lost keys, etc.  We do not charge a security deposit but keep their credit card information on file for 30 days for these purposes.  In the 10 years we have been in business we have only had to charge guests three times for any of the above.  It has worked well and guests don't seem to mind.  When asked about our cleaning fees, I explain that the cleaner does more than just clean.  The fee also involves the laundry.  I explain that Hawaii has the highest electric rate in the country (unlike Florida which has one of the lowest) which is why the fee is so high and I also explain that I don't charge them as much as it costs me.  It immediately pacifies them and all is well.  If there is still a problem I don't rent to them because they will be the type of guest where nothing will make them satisfied.


                      I hope this helps.

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                        Hello to everybody i am owner of the apartments in Florence (Italy) and my final cleaning fee is 30,00 euros.

                        Ciao Massimiliano

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                          I own 3 properties in different cities in Spain.


                          I don't charge cleaning fees, but the clients know that only the standard cleaning is included in the price and that the damage deposit can be used (partially or totally) to pay extra cleaning if needed (I have had 200-300 clientes and never I have charged extra cleaning.


                          My policy is to quote a total price (there are only two exceptions, VAT at 18% if the renter isn't an individual, and a 30 euro supplement (fully for the landlord) if the actual arrival time at the apartment is from 22:00 to 08:00 hours)


                          I have realised that most clients prefer to know from the first e-mail the exact total cost and not to be obliged to add the different cost items and I'm convinced that a relevant part of my clients in case of doubt between several apartments (with similar carachteristics and prices) at the end will choose one without cleaning or other extra fees.


                          For sure I take into account the cleaning costs at the time of fixing my rates. This costs are 30-40 euro of labour costs and you must add the products cost as well as the maintenance of cleaning devices. at the end of the day 5 to 8% of the total cost.

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                            We own a 3000sf home on a very small island. We include cleaning and trash pick up in the rent, which is generally a weekly rental.  We tell our clients we expect the home left as you found it. It is a rare occasion when we  have to deduct from security for excessive cleaning. Cleaning averages  about $180. I know it is high but on an island you are a captive audience.

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                              Cleaning Fees


                              I am property manager for 12 units in Victoria, BC. We have always charged for cleaning fees especially when people are asking for discount rates and bargains.


                              One of our units has floor to ceiling glass taking advantage of ocean views plus BBQ and wrap-around balcony. The cost for this unit is $300 because it takes 2 people around 4-5 hours to thoroughly clean and detail the property.  Our cleaning standards are pretty high and when there is time the tops of sheets and pillow cases are ironed.


                              We try to provide a 5 star experience and that can cost.


                              No guest so far has quibbled about the fee and in fact these fees keep people mindful of treating the place well and leaving it in good condition.


                              If you skimp on the cleaning fees either the balance comes out of your pocket or someone has to cut corners.  Missed cleaning spots like behind the toilet, windows, behind the bed night tables etc are noticed.  I think that casts a different light and level of respect for your property.


                              Happy letting 






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                                We do not charge a cleaning fee.  Our condo is 450 square feet.  My wife and I have been hassled before with hidden fees, and we decided that we would never do that to others.

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                                  I live in Panama City Beach and would be happy to give you any info I have on a property you are questioning.  In general, I have found if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.


                                  As far as the cleaning question, although you are a professional, personally I wouldn't be insulted, but I would not accept your offer to clean because I have a certain way I do things in my rental home, my cleaners are there each week, and they count on the income, also, they have keys to the closets, know where everything goes and also they advise me of items that may be damaged, need replacing, low supplies, etc.  It's more than just the actual cleaning of the place, so your services would not cover all my regular cleaners do.


                                  I did have a problem last year with a person who was trying to scam my propery by renting it for less than half of what I charge.  The evidently lifted my photos off some website, then pretended they were the agents.  Fortunately, the offer seems too good to be true and the person they were trying to scam looked up my property on the clerk of the court website and contacted me.  The scammers also asked them to pay in full in advance with a cashier's check which made them uncomfortable.  Unfortunately there are some thieves out there so it's always good to double check.


                                  Good luck, and you are correct, our beaches are wonderful if anyone out there have not visited, please give us a try!!!!!  Santa Rosa Beach was just named the second most beautiful beach in the world!!

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                                    I"ve had tenants that wanted to "clean it themselves" to avoid the cleaning fee.  The problem is...should they miss something, I can't exactly call them back in to "get it right". 

                                    (This policy is based on a "bad experience" I had renting to friends!)

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