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    Cleaning Fees

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      Do you charge guests cleaning fees and if so how much?  For comparisons, if you do charge cleaning fees, how big is your house/unit? 

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          yes we charge 150 for our 1950 sf unit

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            We have a 6000 square foot home and rent by one level only (3000) or the entire home.  Cleaning fees are $125 for one level and $250 for entire home.  This offsets most but not all of our costs.  It costs between $175 - $205 for one level up to $350 for the entire home.

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              Our condo is 5 bedroom and  4 1/2 bath, about 2500 sq ft, and the charge is $325 for the whole house to be cleaned.

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                Yes we charge $90 but it will cost us about $140 this year because the linen takes so long to wash and dry.

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                  Here in the Smoky Mountains, it seems like the majority of properties that charge cleaning fees are either managed by rental companies or huge cabins/lodges that sleep large groups.  Many small-scale VR owners do not to in order to stay competitive, so we price our cleaning fees into the rental.  We've found many travelers to this area are fee-adverse, so we try to keep the pricing simple--just the nightly rate plus tax.  Only two night winter rentals are charged a cleaning fee because we can't make enough to offset the cost with a two night rental.


                  Our cabins range from 800-1300 square feet (1-2 BRs) and our cleaning expenses range from $65-75 per cabin.  This includes house cleaning, hot tub drain/refill and laundering of linens.

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                    Thank you all who answered my question.  We have a 7500 square foot home near a very popular ski resort in PA.  I charge $100 for cleaning in addition to my rental fee but many guests complain about the seperate fee which is why I was curious as to what other owners charge.  My rental fee is competitive to what others are charging in the area so I didn't really want to increase the rental fee to include the cleaning.  Even $100.00, does not offset my actual costs to have the home cleaned.  Thanks again for the input.

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                      My question for those who charge a cleaning fee - do you also ask renters to do some cleaning before they check out?  Cleaning fees are new in this area which I'm hesitant to institute as I'm afraid the cabins will be left really dirty.  If I were the renter, I'd be annoyed to be charged a cleaning fee and asked to clean. 

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                        The only "cleaning" I ask guests to do is to load and start the dishwasher because I do not want food left on plates/silverware until my cleaning crew gets in.  I also ask that beds that were used to be left unmade so sheets that were not used are not washed unnecessarily.

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                          We do have a cleaning fee of $90 but we will be charged around $120/$140 by

                          the cleaning service this coming season. We do ask that some things be done

                          by the guests, namely, put wet/damp towels on drying rack in laundry room,

                          unplug some appliances, run the dish washer and, disposer, empty

                          refrigerator, open sink cabinet doors (freeze issue), and a few other

                          'check-out' items, but no actual cleaning request. The actions requested

                          because the cleaning service may not get to the condo for a while. The big

                          issue for us is that washing and drying 2 king-size bedding, 2 twin bedding,

                          and 9 towel sets takes a very long time -- the cleaning service people like

                          to get in and out.

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                            Yes, I forgot about removing items from fridge/freezer. I do ask them to do that also. But sometimes people leave food in the fridge.  Laundering of linens does take the most time.  I  have 5 king beds, 2 queen and 2 doubles but do not have the comforters washed everytime just sheets and towels from the bathrooms.  Thanks for your input.

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                              we ask guests to take out their trash to the trash shoot,    empty the fridge,    run the dishwasher-     and leave the parking passes in the wetbar drawer-   

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                                My houses are on Long Beach Island (LBI) in NJ and cleaning fees are non-existent so far.  Tenants that come in either through realtors or owner rentals are not charged but are  asked to clean themselves and a cleaner is comes in after the tenant check out and do a change over cleaning.  If the house is left in an extremely dirty condition and my cleaner charges me more than our regular rate than the cleaning is deducted from the security.

                                I do not and 90% of the homes on LBI does not supply towels or sheets so the tenants need to bring them or rent them.

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                                  My cabin is 1600 square feet on a creek in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee.  Becasue I have many two or three night rentals, I break out the cleaning fee separately.  It takes as long to clean the cabin, wash bedding and towels and drain and scrub the  hot tub for a one night rental as a week rental.  The cleaning fee is $50; that does not cover the actual cost; the balance I absorb as overhead.  I ask that athe renters take out the trash, load the dishwasher, leave beds unmade, place towels on racks or tub so they will not sour.

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                                    Hello all

                                    We do not charge a cleaning fee.  We accept each renter to leave the cottage in the same clean condition thatthey find it.  We inspect the property between each renter to make certain it is clean to out standards, if not Then we chareg to renter.  I have 11 cottage and have not had a problem yet and the renter love the fact that there are no hidden cost other than the weekly rent.

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