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    Linen Advice

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      I'd like to be able to advertise that my home is furnished with luxury linens, but the tropics (and frequent use) have been  ******* my 600 thread-count sheets. I even tried bamboo sheets, but guests complained they were too warm. Does anyone have a recommendation for a sturdy linen that could still be described as luxurious?

      Many thanks...

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          Hi lagloria!


          Truthfully, I'm not an expert on linens and have had a hard time myself finding nice sheets that are soft, long-lasting, less wrinkled out of the dryer and fit well.  And know nothing about tropic conditions.


          Possibly you could try contacting or visit a luxury hotel in your area and find out what they use for linens.  They may be cooperative in giving you some information on thread count, brands, washing methods, etc.


          Keep me posted - I would find this information very useful! 

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            Would be interested in a good answer to this one.  We have tried luxury sheets but they look as if someone slept in them already and they don't last.  I will buy nothing at this point but no-iron percale blend sheets.

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              Whoever comes up with a luxury sheet set that stays silky soft after repeated washings, is durable and doesn't wrinkle will be a millionaire over and over.  We've tried all sorts of brands but typically the 100% cotton (also Egyptian and Pima) seem to have wrinkling issues.  I've learned that just because you go up in thread count doesn't mean the sheets are good, too!  We've had 600 TC sheets that were thin and pilled within 3 washings and 275 TC sheets from Kohls (aka The Big One) that are durable and far better weight--they just don't have the silky soft feel.  If anyone finds a good alternative, please share!

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                I know when I check into a luxury hotel the bed linen and pillows are very important in creating the right impression of luxury and sparkling cleanliness. So in my vacation rentals I send my bed linen out to be professionally laundered. I have several sets for each bed, so I always have a reserve in my owner closet for my houskeeper to use. It costs a little more, so my cleaning fee is a bit higher than some, but it also saves a lot of time for my housekeeper and she can concentrate on other things.

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                  We also use a professional linen service and I think it is worth every penny. Our sheets and towels are always beautifully smooth and white, we have never had to replace any yet, which is a surprise to me. They all still look new.


                  The sheets I bought are 450 thread count from Sam's Club. The label is "Christy" and each set comes with four pillow cases. The fitted sheet is very deep. I also have higher thread count flat sheets on hand in case a fitted sheet is ruined.


                  I have three sheet sets per bed.


                  Beyond receiving great reviews for the comfortable beds we provide, supporting the local business is important. The laundry service counts on the the local tourist trade.

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                    My best advice would be to add bed bug mattress liners to any linens that you use. The liner is placed on the mattress and the mattress pad and sheets are then put on as normal. It actually kills the bed bugs.There is NO OTHER product like it on the market. Mattress encasements only trap bed bugs in or out of your mattress. Once a guest brings bed bugs into your rental property the encasement does NOTHING to eliminate the bed bugs. Check them out at www.bedbugmiracle.com.

                    As the summer rental season approaches rental owners are concerned about the bed bug epidemic sweeping the country. With each weekly rental the possibility of a bed bug infestation in rental units increases. 

                    These liners will give you peace of mind and actually kill bed bugs before they have

                    a chance to take hold in a property.

                    We do not have to tell you what a nightmare a bed bug infestation is and how expensive it is to bring in an exterminator and replace furniture and bedding...not to mention the lost rental income.

                    Our ActiveGuard bed bug mattress liner does what no other product can do...kill bed

                    bugs at their source. These mattress liners are available at



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                      Are others finding a concern from renters about Bed Bugs?  I have been asked about my cleaning service and now list their professionalism in my listing.  I had wondered about a bed bug concern since my renters come from NY and Boston areas.

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                        natjcooper, I think it is common decency that you clearly state that you are involved in the bed bug matress company before writing a post like the one above!! 

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                          I honestly meant no harm. I did refer to it as our mattress liner. Although we do market this product I truly believe that it will really help rental owners. It is the only product of it's kind. When you have mutiple renters in your property the risk of bed bugs is very real. The expenses that you incur when you have a bed bug infestation are incredible. This product can protect you from bed bugs taking hold in your property.

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                            I am sure you meant no harm, but I still think it is important for people that push certain items to be easily recognisable as connected to them.

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                              I agree.

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                                As an environmental health professional (health inpsector) in a large resort city, I've done a fair amount of bed bug work. Knowing what I do about bed bugs, I doubt that permethrin treated mattress liners would be effective. This has to do not only with the high rate of resistance in bed bugs to pyrethroid and permethrin product, but also to the method of application which doesn't really insure sufficient direct contact with all bugs.


                                I just took a CDC refresher course on bed bug prevention and control and this product, the Active Guard mattress liner, was never mentioned, although many worth-while products were highlighted. Also I personally would have an ethical issue exposing renters in my vacation cottage to a pesticide unbeknownst to them while they sleep. Especially since my understanding is that products of this type can cause an allergic or even asthma reaction in some, sensitive individuals. No thanks! I'll pass!

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                                  Costco Kirkland brand sheets are some of the best I've gotten. Not to wrinkly if you take them out of the dryer while they are still warm and they still look nice after many washes.


                                  Lighter colors are always better than dark colors.



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                                    On the thread count matter, if the thread is cheap it doesn't matter how many counts per inch and the cheaper/thinner the thread the more threads per inch you would need.


                                    On that note a good quality thread would be so thick that anything more than 450 per inch would make the sheet very heavy.


                                    So hold the sheet up to the light, how easily can you see through it, feel the texture, and lastly compare the actual weight of the sheets. Better quality will = heavier weight.



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