Owner's Response to Inquiry: Email or Phone?

With the new year, I am re-evaluating EVERYTHING I do, in hopes of securing more bookings. Alot has been said about pro's and con's of contacting potential guests via phone call (when they provide their number). So, let's get some real numbers.


The way I structured the poll, everyone should have an answer to "one" question. You would work your way down. If you say "yes" to the first question, don't answer again....If you say "yes" to the second question, don't answer again....and so on.


P.S. If you text, I would classify that as a phone contact.

Poll Results
  • Do you phone immediately as your first form of contact? (4%)
  • Do you phone to follow up after you have sent email with quote? (8%)
  • Do you phone to speak to guest before actual booking? (23%)
  • Do you never phone guest before booking? (62%)
  • Other - please leave a comment? (4%)


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