This poll ended on Jan 5, 2013.

Do you require guests to wash sheets/towels?

I was reading reviews on another site and saw that some folks complained about the audacity of the owner to ask that their sheets and towels be washed (or started in the laundry) upon their check out. We do this at our place, and I'm just wondering how many others ask guests to do laundry prior to leaving. The reason we do it is that our house cleaner would spend a ton of extra time standing around waiting for sheets/towels/ to be dried enough to put them back on beds, etc. and then we'd have to charge more for the guests stay. We do offer the option of taking $20. from their sec. deposit and we will do the laundry at our house as soon as they leave and drive it up to the cleaner when it's done. Just wondering how everyone else manages this. Our place sleeps 6, so by the time people leave at 11, and we have new renters coming in at 3, it's tight to get everything done. We do have multiple sets of linens......but not a ton of towels.

Poll Results
  • Guests are required to do laundry or partial laundry prior to leaving (100%)
  • Our cleaners or we do the laundry for guests (0%)


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