SCAM: their banking info (checking and routing)

Hi All,  I certainly feel your irritation and worries. I inquired on a mansion in Hollywood, CALIF. recently and almost fell for an absurd scam once on Craigslist and once on Homeaway.  Here is the Number this scam ******* gave to me: 805-314-0669. I called and a voice greeting automatically went on. The greeting apparently mentioned that it was a magic jack phone number. Magic Jack systems can be used across seas which means, this person (aka 'owner') appeared to be a scambastard. He then called me back (with a heavy Nigerian accent) an pretended he was the owner.   Anyway, after realizing he was a scambastard, I wanted to mess around with him to just for fun. So, I asked for his bank account no. (which he wanted me to to transfer money to).   So, here it is:   Bank Name:US Bank Account Number:199373574276 Routing Number: 071904779 Account Name: Pedro E. Hurtado  I checked this account no. On the computer and appears as though that they have 300+ different accounts. Anyway, i wanted to provide this info so others will be aware.   I hope these guys burn in hell.

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