To Sign or Not to Sign the Guest Book

Not everyone signs the guest book.    My question is why not?  I can hypothisise all day and even if my trip wasn't absolutely perfect, I will still generally leave a comment.  If I felt that the property was grossly mis-represented, I will generally not sign it.


So, below are the reasons that one might Not Sign the Book.


Thanks for your imput!

Poll Results
  • I had a poor time and/or feel that the property was grossly mis-represented. (0%)
  • I just do not sign Guest Books, it does not reflect my opnion one way or another. (0%)
  • I am hiding from the FBI. (0%)
  • I just don't know what to say. (0%)
  • I meant to, but I forgot to. (0%)
  • I only sign if the experience knocked my socks off. (100%)


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