Better client inquiry system

I think owners are tired of responding to inquiries that are worthless and renters are tired of not getting responses.


What do you think is the best solution to this problem?



Poll Results
  • The Airbnb solution. Inquiries pass through the website, that way owners have a "response score". Ex: "Vincent has responded to 50% of inquiries"... this doesn't take care of too many inquiries but at least it breaks the vicious cycle. (25%)
  • The hotel solution. HomeAway is moving toward instant booking. You could eventually "opt-out" of inquiries and only get paid bookings... hope you take large security deposits! (0%)
  • Date fit mandatory. As an owner you can choose to make the dates in the inquiry necessarily available for the client to be able to send an inquiry. You could even move this a step further and make inquiry forms long, without field memorization and the owner could pick which fields are required. Making the process long for guests but creating a proof of interest. (75%)


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