Property of the Week



Growing up in the Midwest I would often spend my summer vacation in Door County, Wisconsin.  This was a great destination because it was cooler in the summer than Central Illinois, where I grew up. Door County features 300 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline where you can go fishing and take part in all sorts of water sports. My choice for property of the week was inspired by these childhood memories. You need to see this beautiful home I discovered! Enjoy property #343303vb.


What attracted me to this property:

The thumbnail photo is a beautiful shot from the back of the house featuring the view of the lake, including some of the landscaping and a breathtaking rainbow.  This photograph brings back so many memories of hours spent on the lake growing up.



This home’s private access to the lake, heavily wooded and secluded lot are huge attractions for me. Sometimes when you vacation, you just need to get away from everything and everyone and that is truly possible at this lovely home.


What I love about this listing:

The description is well written and highlights the many amenities this home has to offer. The owner also provides valuable information about Door County itself.


I also really enjoyed the reviews. After reading through them, I can tell this place is perfect for a family getaway and many families have made beautiful lifelong memories here. I love that the owner has responded to a majority of the reviews; that shows the owner is engaged and cares about their travelers.



What could be improved:

There are not enough photos. All 24 photo slots should be filled with high resolution photos.  Some of the photos are fuzzy which means the resolution isn’t as good as it needs to be to be visually appealing on the site.


Overall, this listing is well done and I would love to head to Door County to visit!

Property of the Week


One of my most vivid childhood memories is the summer vacation we spent on spent on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Those fond memories of the sun and beach and the lovely cottage we stayed in inspired this week’s choice for Property of the Week. Take a look at this lovely Provincetown cottage: 4194621



What attracted me to this property:

This cottage had me at the wrap around porch. I am in love with outdoor living space and this cottage has just the right amount.  There is also an outdoor shower which is ideal for the beach.


The location is pretty fantastic too! This beachfront property with easy access to town and the beach is absolutely perfect.



What I love about this listing:

The photos are inviting because they are staged appropriately and well lit. 


The owner’s response rate is great and the reviews that they have are lovely.


I also appreciate that the rates are straightforward and simple to understand.  There is no confusion around what I’ll be paying for my stay.




What could be improved:

The description needs to be more detailed. It left me with these questions:

  • Which body of water does the cottage face?
  • When was it built?
  • What makes the property unique?
  • What is there to do in the area?
  • Why did the owner choose this location to build?


There are not enough photos! Every listing should have the full 24 photos and show every aspect of the house from multiple angles.


The calendar needs to be updated, it hasn’t been updated since September 2016. If a traveler searched with specific dates in mind, which most do, this home currently wouldn’t show up in search.


The owner needs to respond to the nice reviews of their property. Responding to reviews shows future travelers that the owner is involved and cares. The owner also needs to try to get more reviews. Two reviews aren’t enough to give a true picture of the property.


This looks like a lovely cottage and I really want to go stay!

Property of the Week


Family is a very important part of my life. I am currently planning a family reunion and I want us all to go somewhere we have not visited in the past. I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest and have discovered that Whidbey Island, Washington is an exquisite destination.  One of the properties I’m considering for my family reunion is this gorgeous Cape Cod style home on the Southern tip of Whidbey Island, check it out: 370431.


What attracted me to this property:

There are so many things that make this property attractive. The first thing that caught my attention was its location. There’s nothing quite as lovely as a home that sits directly on the beach. I also love the amenities. Who doesn’t love sitting around a bonfire on the beach to warm yourself or to roast marshmallows with your family?



This home also features a fantastic game room that would be great fun on rainy days.



There’s also a hot tub which would be a great place to relax after a long hard day beach combing. Finally, there’s an awesome propane grill ready for you to cook the fresh seafood you can catch or purchase in the area.



What I love about this listing:

The description is captivating! The owner tells me everything I need to know about the house and all its amenities. The owner was wise to share in the description that this home was featured on an ABC Television show, so cool!

The photos are gorgeous. They are well lit and staged beautifully.


The reviews are also wonderful. This owner has been with HomeAway since 2003 and the reviews are a perfect example of the fantastic experience they are providing for their renters.

What could be improved:

The owner of this property has done an amazing job with this listing. They’ve gone above and beyond with the description, photos, amenities and everything else.

The only thing that I would even consider changing is the photo of the beach with the kids in it. Travelers want to be able to imagine themselves in these homes; that’s more easily accomplished if they don’t see other people in the space.


I really hope that my family will be as eager as I am to hold our family reunion at this beautiful home.

Property of the Week


Spring break is rapidly approaching and the beach is my preferred destination for this annual event. There are so many delightful beaches in the United States and it was tough to choose just one, but the winner for this blog is Orange Beach, Alabama. You should take a look at this lovely condo: Property #816558vb.



What attracted me to this property:

This view of the Gulf of Mexico is fantastic and I want to sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and watch the sunset with my husband.

The location of this condo is perfect, you can’t really get any closer to the beach!



What I love about this listing:

The description is delightful, it is written with the intent of enticing travelers to come and stay - and it is pretty effective!

Most of the photos are spot on. The composition of the interior photos is lovely and a few of them show the living room, kitchen and dining area all in one shot.

I also appreciate that the owner included a picture of the outside of the building, which is super helpful for finding the building upon arrival.



What could be improved:

This listing is pretty great!  The only thing I would recommend is some improvements on the photos.  One of the photos is a little fuzzy, and another where you can see the photographer.  There are several photos taken by “Kim Loftis Photography”, it is unclear if the owner has permission to be using their photos, make sure to note that you have permission to be using the professional photos in your description.


Overall, this listing is delightful and I would love to stay here for my next beach trip!