Property of the Week


In spite of being a terrible tennis player, I do enjoy watching and playing the game. This week I set out to find a beach destination that also featured tennis. I discovered this Bethany Beach, Delaware condo: 841245vb


What attracted me to this property:

The location of this property is exactly what I was looking for: beachfront and terrific ocean views.




The amenities of the property are also exactly what I was looking for. World class tennis courts, pools, restaurants and more are available on site.



What I love about this listing:

The description is outstanding! It’s well written and paints a beautiful picture of what you can expect. It provides great details about the condo itself as well as the property where the condo is located.

The photos are great too! They are well lit and staged nicely. I really love the fact that they captioned each photo so there’s no guessing what the photos are of.



What could be improved:

This listing is wonderful and it was tough to find any major flaws! 

There are a couple of the photos that could be improved upon.  In all bathroom shots, the toilet seat lid should be down and some awesome fluffy towels should be added for staging. In bedroom shots, the bedspread should be crisp and smooth and all pillows highly fluffed to make the bed inviting.  Be aware of people in photographs, in the balcony shot there are someone’s legs - you want travelers to be able to picture themselves in the condo. Finally, I would recommend setting the table with brightly colored place settings to make the dining area more appealing.


This condo looks like a wonderful place to stay to enjoy tennis and the beach!