Property of the Week


Spring break is rapidly approaching and the beach is my preferred destination for this annual event. There are so many delightful beaches in the United States and it was tough to choose just one, but the winner for this blog is Orange Beach, Alabama. You should take a look at this lovely condo: Property #816558vb.



What attracted me to this property:

This view of the Gulf of Mexico is fantastic and I want to sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and watch the sunset with my husband.

The location of this condo is perfect, you can’t really get any closer to the beach!



What I love about this listing:

The description is delightful, it is written with the intent of enticing travelers to come and stay - and it is pretty effective!

Most of the photos are spot on. The composition of the interior photos is lovely and a few of them show the living room, kitchen and dining area all in one shot.

I also appreciate that the owner included a picture of the outside of the building, which is super helpful for finding the building upon arrival.



What could be improved:

This listing is pretty great!  The only thing I would recommend is some improvements on the photos.  One of the photos is a little fuzzy, and another where you can see the photographer.  There are several photos taken by “Kim Loftis Photography”, it is unclear if the owner has permission to be using their photos, make sure to note that you have permission to be using the professional photos in your description.


Overall, this listing is delightful and I would love to stay here for my next beach trip!