Property of the Week


It’s my pleasure each week to pick one of many beautiful properties and tell you why I love it. You can read these blogs and take the advice and apply it to your own listings. You can catch past posts here: : Stylish Stays


This past week I had the chance to visit San Francisco. While I was there for work I had the opportunity to be a tourist for a day.  I now understand where the “I left my heart in San Francisco” sentiment comes from.  I fell in love with this city, the beautiful quirky architecture, the amazing places to see and dine and the fantastic people. My property pick for this week was inspired by my visit to the beautiful city. You should see listing #708390vb!



What attracted me to this property:

Location, location, location. This property is in the Pacific Heights neighborhood and is steps away from Lombard Street, Presidio Park and many other of my favorite attractions in San Francisco. It’s also surrounded by some of the finest dining in the city.  The other thing that caught my eye is the décor. The apartment is very tastefully decorated!




What I love about this listing:

The headline of this listing caught my attention from the start. Scrolling through the pictures I was able to get a great idea of the layout of the apartment and all the amenities it has to offer. I also got to see some of the attractions in the surrounding area, so when I go back to San Francisco it will be easy for me to choose this apartment.



What could be improved:

The photos leave a little to be desired.  The resolution of the featured photo is not very clear and it’s hard to see. Also, there are several photos where the owner can be seen in the picture which is a no no when photographing your property. The bathroom photos could be so much better -the toilet lid should always be down!  There are 24 photo slots available to every owner and they should all be used to help with where you fall in Best Match.

Finally, most of the reviews have something in common that the owner really needs to address: the upstairs neighbors very loud. Has the owner talked to the neighbors? Is there anything that can be done?  Responding to the reviews with this information would go a very long way with the guests’ experience.

With a few tweaks to the listing page, this looks like a fantastic apartment to have as a home base while visiting San Francisco!