Property of the Week


Every week I chose a property I love and review it to help everyone with their own listings. You can see past posts here: Stylish Stays

I love the beach! In a perfect world I would sink my toes in the sand every single day.  This weeks’ property is chosen based on my love of the ocean and the beach. This beautiful condo can be found in the seaside town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Take a look: Property #396752vb


What attracted me to this property:

I was immediately drawn in by the featured photo. I want to be on that beach, sitting in those chairs taking in the sun and the sea.  The location and building amenities are also pretty darn amazing. I really want to go!


What I love about this listing:

The photos in this listing are amazing! They are high quality and well shot. I love that they included photos of every room including the bathrooms and each bedroom. I think it’s terrific that they added photos of local attractions as well. 



The descriptions are thoughtful and well written. After reading the overview I didn’t have any questions for the owner - everything I would normally ask is spelled out and easy to grasp. The reviews are colorful and fun to read. Knowing that so many travelers have had a wonderful experience at this condo creates valuable sense of trust and assurance. Finally, the owner should be applauded for their response time: 100% within a few hours! This whole listing provides an outstanding traveler experience.


What could be improved:

The only thing I would suggest is that the owner should respond to all of their lovely reviews. Taking a moment to say ‘thanks for staying’ is thoughtful and makes the traveler feel good about taking the time to write the review. Overall, this listing is outstanding.

I can’t wait until our next beach vacation! This home has won me over and I can’t wait to visit Myrtle Beach and stay at this condo.