Property of the Week


In case you missed my other posts in our Property of the Week blog series, please take a moment and catch up.


This week’s property selection is inspired by my love of great design features.  Take a look at this lovely, renovated, studio apartment in Missoula, Montana: Property # 341660vb



What attracted me to this property:

The design features in this space are highly appealing. I have fallen in love with the 15-foot exposed brick exterior walls.  The modern kitchen and high end fixtures appeal to the chef within.  I can picture myself in this kitchen cooking a meal for my spouse and myself while enjoying the fantastic view of the river out the window. I appreciate the zero entry shower and heated tile floors in the bath. Finally, I love how the owners have made a small space visually stunning and functional all at the same time. 


What I love about this listing:

The description on this listing is outstanding. The owners have done a fine job detailing everything there is to know about their apartment and the surrounding area. I appreciate how they’ve gone into detail about their vision and how they’ve made it happen. I absolutely love that they’ve utilized historic architectural pieces and given them new life in this studio apartment.


What could be improved:

The photos could use a professional’s touch. It would be well worth the money for the owners to utilize a professional photographer to capture the home with better lit photos.  Photo captions would help a traveler to understand what their seeing.  For example, are these the sunsets I’ll see out the windows of the apartment?  It would be great to have descriptions that represent the photos to get a full picture of the property experience.


Finally, I’d remove a couple of the non-related photos and add more images of the destination or property. The scary clown like person needs to find a home somewhere else. J