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    Soiled beds

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      What recourse if any do I have on this subject?  My house cleaner contacted me to let me know that the house was very dirty and that the kids had wet the beds. I do have waterproof matress pads. I am upset that the guests didn't have the common decency to clean these linens themselves before they left.

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          Hi camilleups,


          There are different ways to approach this - I am sure other Community members will have some suggestions.


          If you need to replace the sheets you may withold part of the damage deposit or charge the renters for the cost of new ones.


          Check out this article about keeping deposits or this discussion about damage insurance (which could be a solution for the future.)


          If you aren't getting a strong response you can also try joining the Owners Group or a group local to your area.


          Thanks for using Community!



          • Soiled beds
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            Cam, do you have an "excessive cleaning" clause?


            I've noticed some vaca rentals in my area are now stating "BASIC Cleaning fee= $$___".   I'm considering doing the same. Then, in cases like yours you are free to withhold some of the damage deposit. ( My housekeeper sends me an invoice and charges me an extra $10 for each extra duty -- such as extremely dirty oven, grill, etc.  She also takes a picture of the mess with her phone camera and sends it to me for proof) .


            On the other hand - some people are just pigs- and I guess it's the price of doing business.


            Hang in there!

            • Soiled beds
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              Being a homeowner and owner of a housekeeping business, I think it is only right for the housekeeper to charge extra for the cleaning of soiled linens or to just toss them pending the degree of the soil .  I know when linens are soiled in my home/business I toss them and replace them.  The cost is then charged to the guest.  They are responsile to replace them.