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    Legal Zoom for Rental Agreements

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      The folks at Homeaway Customer Support suggested that I look at Legal Zoom...happy to pay for a good agreement for 4-6 months in CA. But the customer support person at Legal Zoom said they don't have a vacation rental agreement and that the agreements that they offer are for long term 6 months or more.


      Is there a cut off point that you all would use a "vacation rental agreement" and when you would use a "long term rental agreement"


      Thank you for any input on this. Any samples are helpful. I attached my sample in last post. I have not reatined an attorney for this and was hoping it would not be neccessary...great to pool resources.

        • Legal Zoom for Rental Agreements
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          In Colorado I have rented my guest house on a  month to month basis. I used a standard lease agreement- even for renters who stayed a year.  I did require 1st and last month's rent (and a damage deposit equal to 1/2 a month's rent), with the rent being due on the 1st of each month. The lease agreement had certain stipulations.


          I required a 30 day written notice from the renter that stated the date they would be leaving., at my atty's suggestion. This activated the "last month's rental payment". This way I was covered if :

          1.  I didn't receive the 30 day notice and they did not pay the rent due they  forfeited the last month's rent and damage deposit


          If I didn't receive the rent, or letter of notification on the 1st I then started eviction proceedings.The one time I had to evict  took 2 weeks to get them out, so in the end I came out ahead. 


          I don't know if this helps our not.