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      • 15. "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings

        I also had a call from them both at home and work. I think they sound more like travelforce, with a change of name. I did ask the representative and she said they were not. I went throught the same/similar presentation with travelforce a while back.

        • 16. "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings
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          Thank you for reminding me of the old name for this company. They tried the same tactic about 2 or 3 years ago, but believe were based out of England. I would not sign up cause they had no presence in US, but I guess now they do throug United in Uniform

          • 17. "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings

            They had a lots of complaints against them when they were travelforce.

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              Is United in Uniform a scam?


              Once this blog was brought to my attention I have taken the time to read the comments posted and now feel that the time is appropriate to address these concerns and hopefully put an end to it to prevent further misunderstandings.


              I will start by explaining why www.unitedinuniform.com  exists.
              The website is designed to showcase the many thousands of discounts and special privileges we have made available to our men and women in uniform who risk their lives daily to protect us and our freedom.
              Membership is completely free, United in Uniform as a company invests millions of dollars each year in website construction and maintenance, membership cards and materials, running costs to provide a free customer service department, in house graphic designers dedicated to produce new listings and advertisements, and everything else required to create a service capable of meeting the demands of our member base.
              The support shown by so many reputable local and nationwide businesses has been overwhelming.


              Many members use the service to help plan their vacations in areas they would be guaranteed discounts at local restaurants, theme parks etc. therefore the demand for accommodation in those areas has increased. The decision to include vacation rentals to the website was an obvious choice as vacation rentals have become more popular than hotels due the difference in cost. (One fact you may agree with us on) We only contact rentals in the areas we have membership demand.

              We appreciate and respect the fact that maybe some vacation home owners do not wish to advertise with us and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone we may have offended.
              We have no need to use strong arm tactics to persuade you to show your support or to compromise your politics, this program is something that we are very proud to be a part of and have no intention of forcing people to promote their vacation home to our members.


              If in the event that you are contacted by a representive of our organization and you are not interested in listing your vacation home a simple “No thank you” would suffice.


              The disappointing thing about this blog is the fact that no-one seems to be playing fair. You scream SCAM, although you have no personal experience with United in Uniform.


              I would like to give special attention to homeaway member “lennysky”. Lennysky tells of a story about how his wife went through our demonstration she loved the concept and decided to list her home. After finding out about his wife signing up for our website, Lennysky requested his money back despite never seeing our website or going through the presentation personally. What happened? He got his money back! If this is a scam, it is truly the worst scam ever. So Lennysky received his money back and he has never been contacted again. But that wasn’t enough, he went on to post a statement on this blog comparing us to one of the biggest crooks of all time. We appreciate you were not prepared to give United in Uniform the benefit of the doubt and we refunded your money without question immediately. Your reaction to this was to blog that you still felt that we were a scam. Unfortunately for Lennsky his wife is right in this situation and he has been completely unfair and absolutely disrespectful. We invite Lennysky and anyone else who doubts our intentions to join us at our next venue.

              International Association Chiefs of Police Annual Conference

              CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – OCTOBER 22ND – 26TH 2011



              We are proud of what we do for our service personal and walk around proudly with our heads held high and will not be side tracked in our knowledge that we are doing something for our members who we have the upmost respect and admiration for.


              If ANYBODY has any questions about our website, please visit the site. www.unitedinuniform.com. You can E-Mail, call or even attend the police conferences to meet us in person and judge for yourselves.


              It would be a travesty for the opinion of a few to jeopardize a service that benefits so many.

              David Brice

              V.P Member Services

              UNITED IN UNIFORM

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                Mr. Brice,


                My question to you is how did your sales staff find the contact information of vacation home owners to make the cold calls?


                Did they simply go to Homeaway, VRBO and other sites and get the information on those sites? 


                It is my understanding that such practices are against the policies of HA and VRBO.  Owners contact information is for potential travelers/ guests use only and is not to be used by anyone attempting to market another service.


                Deb Jones

                VRBO # 295832 

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                  Mr. Brice,


                  Let me again repeat as I did in my earlier statement that my unfavorable preception of your company is based on the actions, demeanor and sales tactics of your employees.  They lie to get a introduction " I am in the military and I am looking for a 4 month rental in your area, oh you have that property open, how would you like it if I could get you booked during the off season."  That girl made her pitch and then passed me on to a supervisor who tried to have me connect for remote access, without warning, When I balked he was verbally abusive and tried to strong arm me into listening to the sales pitch and was down right rude.  I would have NEVER thought of your company as a scam without the tactics used by your employees.  If you want to succeed go back to the drawing board and coach your staff.

                  Honesty, Kindness and truthfulness will go a long way.


                  Laura Johnson

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                    Mr. Brice: question - if i did not cancel within 3 days, what would be the outcome of my future attempts to cancel? Your staff applied high pressure techniques previously used by Travelforce. Any relation or connection? You have no presence in the area of my property and like I said, I would be willing to give a discount directly to our armed forces if documentation is provided.


                    Also, how can a reputable company be able to lower a quoted price for a membership. If I go to movies and a price is set at $15, can I ask for a $10 ticket.

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                      Thank you for your responses to my post. As earlier stated, if you have any questions or feedback, please forward them to my E-Mail: davidbrice@unitedinuniform.com


                      My door is always open and I will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have. I welcome any suggestions and all feedback. Although, I will not post another comment on this forum, as I feel is is unprofessional.


                      Mrs. Johnson, I would really appreciate it if you could personally contact me. I wish to look into this case personally, as good customer service relations is something I take very seriously.


                      Thank you, and I look forward to your E-Mails.


                      David Brice


                      V.P Member Services

                      UNITED IN UNIFORM

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                        Mr. Brice,


                        If your company is so up standing; then why don't you let owner of vacation homes (who have listed with you) talk to new Clint's about how happy they are with your program. This PRIVACY thing  is JOKE!!  We didn't want to know anything about them, except how happy they are with your company. Most company's I deal with like to give you names of  Clint's who are happy with there services. This is called positive feed back. NOT PRESSURING you to sign up and pay money with no recommendations except YOUR SALESMEN.


                        All of the rental property owner's in my area talk to each other and we do referrals. We are a close nit group. NO ONE HAS HEARD OF YOUR COMPANY AND WE DO RENT TO MILITARY, POLICE AND FIREMAN FAMILIES.


                        The Military, Ploice and Fireman friends that I have contact with; don't know anything about your program or company.


                        Helen Lee

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                          Hello, how consistent are your bookings? Are your summers and off-season completely booked?

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                            Helen, well put, but I doubdt Mr. Brice will respond to your message, as he thinks this message board is unprofessional. Travelforce also claimed that they had various affiliations, yet not a soul heard of them. Their sales people sold it otherwise.

                            Please notice how Mr. Brice avoided my inquiry on whether or not there is any relation to Travelforce. As a matter of fact, none of my questions were answered. But, I did not have any problems with their sales people this time. probably because they now must abide by the US laws!

                            • 26. Re: "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings
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                              My personal experience was disturbing and shook me up. I was not comfortable with the sales pitch but when I let the sales person know that I was not interested, she said why would you not want more bookings ,why would you listen to the sales presentation and not buy.  I do try to hear people out, my husband is a salesperson. I try to always be respectful. The sales lady became very angry and confrontive about why I was not going forward and argued with me. Then she hung up on me.  I have never had such a bad experience with someone who wastrying to get my business ... she just confirmed my doubts. I would never want her talking with my clients.

                              • 27. "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings
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                                I handle the advertising for my mothers property here in FL and we were contacted as well I did not have a bad experience with the salesman when he contacted me and it seems like there program is well put together and they are highly ranked on ALEXA.com as far as actual traffic coming through the website. I have a uncle who is apart of the International Police Association where they are listed as the travel concierge and he says that they are constantly updated about the things going on within the company as far as properties and discounts being added. It seems like no one here has had a bad experience with them as far as not getting bookings from there service. Has anyone actually tryed them out tested what they are telling us? Or has the sales women you all talk about just turning you away from trying their service. Sounds like the name of the sales women being so rude needs to be told to Mr. Brice so they can get rid of her she seems to be bringing the company down. This blog has just confused me even further on whether or not to do business with them. Lennysky when you told them you didnt wnat to move forward with them did they return your money when you decided to pull out? I think I like the idea of the privacy of the site because as a homeowner I will not have to worry about any more calls from sales people tyring to get me to join the next most amazing service lol. I am still torn on whether this company is a good choice or not.

                                • 28. "United in Uniform" website trolling VRBO for new listings
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                                  I have been going back and forth with the rep who contacted me (Joshua) and he has been courteous, professional and up-front to this point.  When he asked about the remote demonstration and I told him I didn't feel comfortable with that, he said "that's fine" and we have been exchanging information via email and phone calls.


                                  I did ask about a trial period, but was going to move forward with a 1 year subscription to see how it went.  And after reading all of these posts, I can't see any hard evidence as to why I shouldn't.

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                                    Have you been offered a 1-year listing?  How much did they quote you for it?  When they called me, they started talking about a lifetime membership for $1995.  That eventually came down to $895.  It was like dealing with a used car salesman.  Every time I was going to hang up, they lowered the price.  When I said I wasn't comfortable with spending so much for something I was unsure of, they offered a 5-year membership but assured me that was the minimum they had.  If you can get a 1-year listing for a price that is right for you, then it may be worth it for you.  Personally, for a company very few are familiar with, I would rather have a trial listing at no cost to see if they can produce bookings for me.


                                    The other thing I think you should do is to read the terms and conditions (link to this above) and see just how difficult it would be to exercise the moneyback guarantee that they kept telling me about.  Yes, you have 3 days to change your mind but that's not what I'm talking about.  What bothers me is a lengthy listing that I have paid for up front and not receiving any bookings and having to prove that by a cumbersome processs to maybe get the money back.  The terms does give the company the option to just extend your lising instead of giving you a refund.


                                    There are just a lot of things wrong with this business model.  When looking at their site I noticed that in addition to being on active military duty or a policeman or fireman, you could join if you were a veteran, which I am.  So I applied for membership just to see what it was all about.  I completed the application and they said they would verify the information and get back to me.  I used my nickname and not my real first name.  A day or two later, they accepted my application and gave me a temporary membership card.  They said a membership package with my real card would be sent by UPS in a few days.  That was over a week ago and still nothing.


                                    The company negotiates discounts with other companies which members can get by showing their card.  The member can acquire points by using the card and furnishing proof of what was spent.  For every $50 spent, the member gets 1 point which is equal to $1. The points can somehow be redeamed for use on other purchases.  I didn't get the impression that they seriously attempted to verify I met any eligibiltiy criteria.  I just dont think they would spend the time and money trying to verify you actually are "in uniform" or a veteran. 


                                    In summary, I'm not saying this company is a scam.  I just don't believe everything they say and buyer beware.



                                    Larry Scanlan

                                    Galveston Seaside Retreat

                                    817-929-4966  mobile

                                    928-395-7518  fax



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