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    linens provided or not ?


      I have been going out of my way to provide my guests clean linens and towels etc.

      Lately I have noticed that the cost and time of doing this is more than I expected.

      I am wondering what other owners and managers do regarding linens and what is

      the feedback from guests?


      Thanks, NSV

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          I own a housekeeping/property management  business and my home owners do provide linens in my private homes at no charge to guests.  I do all of the linens for my private clients at no extra charge in my home.  I wash, dry, fold and iron them.  I feel this is part of my service and should not  cost the home owner extra, linens can be done at the home by the housekeeper when she is cleaning the home and should not take any extra time.

          In the homes that I clean for a vacation rental company the linens are provided to guests only if they purchase a linen package.  They pay a fee to use the linens/towels and this fee offsets the cost of laundry and replacement when needed.  I think this is a good option because there is no added cost to the home owner.

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            marym Active Contributor

            Have always included linens - bed, bath, beach, kitchen - as part of our rental.  I think that packing for vacation is tough enough without having to think about brining linens too!  I think that guests appreciate that.  We keep everything on site and our cleaning staff knows this is part of the routine when they're preparing the house for the next guest.  I'm certain that because the turn-around time is tight, sheets cannot be ironed - just folded and returned to the storage bin.  But everything is clean.  Bath and beach towels are accessible to guests - I figure if they need more, they can launder and dry them for themselves. I think you just build the supply and cost of preparation into your total rental fees.

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                msdebj Senior Contributor

                I provide linens: bedding, towels, beach, ktichen , as well.  I do have a locked closet ( housekeeper has the keys)with 2 extra sets for everything- more for kitchen and bath towels. My housekeeper has the option of doing laundry at my house, or duirng the busy/quick turn around season she often takes them home and returns them when she comes in to clean the next time. We negotiated this when I hired her.


                We offer 1 bath towel, 4 washcloths and  2 hand towels per person for a weekend. Double that for a week. We have a washer and dryer in the house. I've found that if I leave a dozen towels for 4 people for 2 days they will use everyone on of them. That's a lot of water waste.


                What are other rentals doing in your area? I'd check and see.


                I 've rented homes where I had to bring my own linens and it was a PAIN.  The only time I ask guest to bring their own is when they want to use our Pack and Play for an infant. Most want to anyway.


                I've never had a guest complain that the sheets weren't ironed, but I guess it's possible.

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                  I agree that providing linens is easy to do and very helpful to guests.  We also provide beach towels.  Spirit Air is often used by people coming to our area and Spirit charges extra for each bag and their bags have a weight limit of 40 pounds.

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                  We offer both situations. I have a smaller rental where luxury linens are included. Then we have a larger rental where it is optional. If they want to save money they can bring their own. If they want to rent ours for convenience, they can for a fee. This just gives them options. It is about equal as to how many use both options. It is also dependent on if you have enough extras to allow time for laundering during the quick turnaround seasons.

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                    I see alot of helpful information here. As an update I have gotten much better with rotating different sets and bringing down the cost somewhat. One interesting thing that has popped up though is which laundromat to use.

                    I was using one that had big washers and was open late and it seemed ok. Oneday I stopped at one farther away

                    and noticed the lady cleaning up the washers and dryers with alot more attention to detail. Anyways I have used both

                    with the same detergent and softener and the smaller place with the cleaning lady definitely leaves my linens fresher and cleaner. Both make the linens clean, but Iwant my guests to feel that every part of their experience was

                    above what they expected.

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                      wiffle Contributor

                      While expectations might be different regionally, I cannot imagine not providing linens. Our location is quite remote, 3 hours from the closest major airport, and so we have our home ready for them to just come in and relax. Bed linens, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths are all provided. There are (4) bath towels, (2) hand towels and (2) wash cloths per bedroom, and additionally a supply of hand towels and wash cloths in a basket in the bathroom.


                      I think if you do not provide linens, people will just sleep directly on your impossible to clean mattresses and pillows, especially the younger "partying" crowd. I consider the linens to be a good investment.


                      Just build the cost into your rental or cleaning.

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                        OK..I'll break the trend...I don't provide them.  If they need/want them I provide a link to a service.  Keep in mind, my property is normally visited by local folks that can pack them.  If they're not local they can use a service.  Once in a while it becomes a deal breaker but sorry, I do enough laundry at home and I draw the line here. 

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                          sapphiresteve Active Contributor

                          It would seem that disposable linens might solve a lot of problems. Has anyone tried them?



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                            lahainarental Contributor

                            We provide all linens including sheets, towels, kitchen and beach. Since our vacation rentals are in Maui we find that most visitors just want to bring a suitcase full of beachwear not linens


                            This does of course add to the cost. Our housekeeper includes the cost of doing laundry in her service unless there is an excessive amount. At least once a month we end up paying her extra due to a guest using every available piece of linen provided including the clean blankets in the closet. In these situations she ends up taking the laundry home and charges us for the service. We figutre this is part of the cost of doing business and just absorb this in to our costs. You also have to plan on replacing your linens several times a year. In our first year of operating our vacation rental, we have purchased 4 -6 sets per bed. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way, not to buy super expensive sheets. When we first started out we purchased very nice high thread count sheets only to have the first set stained by the first guest. We still buy nice sheets, but we try and find them on sale.




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                              stjvilla Active Contributor

                              Agree with April that if you are a fly-to destination, as we are also, you must provide linens.  We pretty much do as she does.