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    Not sure if I should give address to potential renters

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      Hello.  I am so glad for these forums.  I am new to this business.  One of the major concerns that I have is providing address to renters without a confirmed reservation.  I am concerned that too many people having the address of a fully furnished empty home is a major invitation to thieves.  I currently have a vacation rental home in Tallahassee. I have been contacted by a number of renters that have requested my address so that friends that they have in the area can go by and look at the house. When I refuse I do not hear from them again.  I am very skeptical about beginning this practice.  I was wondering if anyone has had any such problems or am I just being paranoid.  I have heard of people using photos from legitimate websites and promoting themselves as the owners.  Help

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          We rarely get requests like this, but have on occasion. If you have detailed pictures and property information on the listing then people should not have to drive by and preview or walk-through the property. It is probably not wise to let strangers into the property so you may need to have a cleaner or on-site manager do a walk through...or install some kind of home security system that could be activated when the property is not being rented.


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          • Not sure if I should give address to potential renters
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            Just chiming in here as there are a couple of related discussions on Community that you may find of interest here and here.

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            • Not sure if I should give address to potential renters
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              I too think this is a safety issue- not just for your property, but your guests also.


              I've had a few similar requests and have turned them down. One person found my home from the map (and picture of the outside of the house) and actually knocked on the door and wanted to see inside WHILE I HAD RENTERS IN! Lucky for me, the guests were return renters & they called me to ask what to do. Of course, I apologized and told them to refuse.


              Another time, one wanted to come into the house and sit on the furniture in the den- to see if her father would be comfortable while he watched TV!


              Needless to say, I did not respond  to further inquiries from these people- just said my place wouldn't work for them..


              One thing I have done is create a short Youtube video of my house. If, after talking with the prospective renter and finding out how serious they really are, I send them the link. It's been a very succesful marketing tool ( and saves my $$ on how many photos I have to pay for on VRBO). I used Photo Story to create it from snapshots -- fun and easy!


              Do these people go ask for a tour of a hotel room they'd reserve? I doubt it.


              Be careful!


                • Not sure if I should give address to potential renters
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                  I am having a request of this nature this week by a local prospect who will be having family from out of town and may need a house like mine. She wants to see if the sleeping set up will accomodate her needs.  I don't want to give out my address. My property description has extensive pictures and detail about sleeping conditions. Can anyone suggest a response that may not put them off if they are really interested?