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    Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun?

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      This is probably old hat to others, but we are trying to figure out if we announce Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun weeks to potential renters, or let things fall as they will.



        • Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun?
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          Good question zabby.


          Thought you may be interested in this discussion about check in days as well as this article about when to be flexible with your renters on this policy.


          Hope this helps,



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              Thanks, Meredith.

              I guess there is no easy answer...except to stay flexible. The 'help' on Sunday issue is, of course, a big one and concerns us. I just wanted to see if the 'industry' had a strong opinion on this.

              This was our first year renting. We live near Brimfield, Ma. and the flea market there is a big draw. We have dealers who have stayed at our place, The Peni (it's a peninsula on Hamilton Reservoir) for the past few years, and, since we got the place set up for them, we decided to put it on VRBO to see if we could fill in around them. We posted at the end of May, and, much to our surprise, are booked, and I mean every single day, through November 12 when we blocked the bookings because we need to get some work done on the place. My brother who lives a minute away has been transformed into greeter, helper,accountant,etc. We are doing this sort of by the seat of our pants as we scramble to get a rental agreement together, lists, etc. As I poke around the VRBO site, I'm picking up lots of helpful hints...and warnings. The software seems to have been carefully thought through.

              Anyway, we love to see the $$ rolling in...which we will use to set up another rental right next to Old Sturbridge Village.

              Thanks for you kind response. Once again, I see that all the VRBO stuff, help, support really works.