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    signed contract, all or part.

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      We are still new to renting. The two renters we have had just returned the part of the contract with name, address and signature. Do we need the whole contract back to show they read all of the rules and regulations? Thanks for your help. Nancy

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          Hi lucy.smith,


          I will be interested to see what other Community users' policy is on returning the signature portion of the contract.


          Thought you may find in this discussion about electronic signatures on contracts as well as our sample forms helpful.





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            My contract has 4 pages-- not full pages-but each page deals with it's own issue ( 1st is all personal info, billing, authorization to billl credit card, etc .2nd is Deposit info and terms, 3rd is Terms of Rental & Cancellation Policy, 4th is Hold Harmless).


            Each page is numbered under  the signature line- 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. If I don't get ALL of them back, signed and dated, I reserve the right to cancel the reservation. And, yes, I have done just that , though only once.  If I have their signature, it is a legal, binding contract.


            I've thought about the line by line initials thing- just haven't taken the time to rewrite the contract.