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    What kind of bed pillows are best for rental properties?

    jbarbara321 Contributor

      I am getting ready to purchase some new linens, towels and pillows for my Adirondack cabins.  I have not had good luck with pillows in the past and was wondering what kind to get.  Do I get down, alternative down, foam, firm, soft, etc . They seem to get misshappen and lumpy after a few months.  Any suggestions?

        • What kind of bed pillows are best for rental properties?

          I've recently read that latex are the best because they're anti allergenic.  I think they're too hard so I get the type of pillows that feel like down but are synthetic.  Then I put antimicrobial pillow covers on them.  We have a lot of pillows in the bedroom for people to use for reading and for the shams.  We also have a sleeper sofa.  All totaled there are 12 and all of them are synthetic with the antimicrobial pillow covers.  When we're visiting the island I also iron all the pillows with a very hot iron to kill dust mites and I buy new pillow covers every 3 years.


          This year I also bought a mattress cover that totally encases the mattress and the box spring because of the bed bug issue.  So far there aren't any reported bed bugs in our complex but I'm not going to take any chances!  You can buy special bed bug protective covers on line.

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            Our vacation rentals are in the tropics (Cairns, North Queensland, Australia) and so with the heat and humidity need to be constantly changed.  I buy synthetic washable pillows with cotton protective covers which can also be removed much more frequently for washing.  As I live close by, it is easy for me to put them all out in the sun for an hour or two...a great way to make them fresh.  I always have spare pillows of varying degrees of firmness in the cupboard, so that people can make a choice if they don't like what is on the bed. Some guests solve the problem and bring their own!

            Lizzie .



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                aznative Contributor

                Sorry, this isn't an answer to what kind of pillow per se, (although, like the previous poster I do offer a variety of types.) BUT! Once you have decided on a pillow, I have found, what I think, is the best pillow protector in the world! Ikea has the most wonderful pillow protectors anyone could ever want!  They are quilted, have a zipper at one end for easy removal, they come out of the washer and dryer (I do dry on low heat) just like new, and are so well made you can just feel the quality!  And (drum roll please)... most importantly... they are soft and cozy right out of the package!  I wasn't sure what to do about all of our pillows, concerning the hygiene issue, because I had great, soft-feeling pillows, and the typical pillow covers feel like plastic.  Now that I have found these, my pillows are even nicer than before! On top of all of this, they are reasonable!  This is sort of a post-decision-but-still-part-of-the-topic answer.   http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80144245


                BTW, (I sound like I own stock in Ikea, which I don't, but...) this same line has the same material for mattress pads, which I have put on top of my really nice mattress toppers, so now I only have to wash and dry one flat pad when changing linens between guests, when before I couldn't even wash my foam and down filled toppers.  Anyone with that problem can check them out in the same department.  They have elastic bands at the corners to hold them in place.

              • What kind of bed pillows are best for rental properties?
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                As a renter.


                Nothing worse than terrible pillows or coverings.

                If you have a king bed, buy king pillows.
                Instead of 4 regular pillows, Then you can add extras for sitting up in bed. Nothing worse than fighting with all those pillows


                If I find that I am going to lay my head down own a pillow that the pillow cover is less desirable then I will add a second pillow case to the pillow. I believe pillow covers are a must, they can be washed and  your pillows are less likely to stain from body sweat. dirty hair & drulling

                Same with the mattres cover add a flat mattress pad  on top of your nice mattress cover for easy washing, and this will save your nice mattress pad & mattress from damage

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                    lincoln Senior Contributor

                    I agree with Twobitrentals on using 4 standard instead of the king-- for both comfort and looks.  If you look at the major hotels photos of the beds they show 4 -6 regular size pillows standing up with the pillow cases folded back so pillows don't slip out.  Any nylon type of pillow covering (think hospital etc.) will slip out of the pillow case.  The Hampton Inn had a printed note on the bed as to which of the pillows were the softest and which were the firmest .... but they were all great!

                  • What kind of bed pillows are best for rental properties?

                    As long as you're in the mountains, buy down!  All good hotels use them now. For those who are allergic, stock synthetic down in the closets, offering them a choice. You can use it as an added value, and advertise it.  I charge a lot, so I provide down bedding, and alternative down in the closets.  The best prices are COSTCO: $40/pair queen down pillows, $50/pair of Kings, Pacific brand.  They also stock great down-alternatives by Calvin Klein for $17 a pair!  People love them, and I advertise down pillows (and alternative).  I hate paying for lodging, and finding sythetic, cheap, or hard pillows, so I have to bring my own.  Be like a high-end hotel and offer the best (but get them cheap), and advertise it!

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                      I've really enjoyed reading about pillow covers.    At our home in the mountains of PA, we find ourelves buying new pillows frequently.   We have pillow covers and will consider the Ikea recommendation.    I am also now using pillows just for our family and placing them in our private storage since I can't sleep on rental pillows.

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                        meredith HomeAway Employee

                        Great thread about pillows! If you havent already checked it out there is another detailed discussion about linens with lots of opinions here. Enjoy.



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                          mnichole New Member

                          You mentioned linens and pillows, have you tried this one http://www.kekacase.com/search-all-designs/pillows.html, its all about pillow cases that you can customize your own designs, which I think this is perfect choice for you to match with your current interior design.

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                            joan.l Senior Contributor

                            I get a lot of compliments and "where did you get those pillows" in regards to the pillows I get at Sams Club.  They are CHEAP....2 for $10.  They're the gel foam cluster pillows....and they come with a zip-off wash protector cover.   The pillows keep their shape.   They're great for bed-reading as well.


                            Homedics Memory Foam Cluster Pillow - 26" x 20" (2 pk.) - Sam's Club

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                              thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                              I purchase foam pillows for our rental.  I provide a selection of soft, medium, and firm.  I've found Costco to be an excellent source for pillows that are a good balance of quality, comfort, and cost.  I believe the last pillows I purchased were priced at 2 for $20.


                              I purchase very inexpensive pillow protectors at Sears.


                              I provide a minimum of twenty four pillows for 3 queen-sized and 2 twin beds, and 1 queen-sized sleep sofa.


                              Because the pillows are relatively inexpensive I am able to replace any that appear or feel worn without worry about the expense.  


                              As far as size of pillows, I provide one size - twin - as it makes the weekly laundering of linens and making-up of beds much more efficient for my house cleaners.  (Bed linens are all white.)


                              My guests have not expressed any disappointment with the pillows I have provided.

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                                  bobbie32 Community All-Star

                                  Personally, I think the best pillows on the market are Pacific Coast pillows. They are in all the high-end hotels and they are wonderful.  I bought some a while back from JC Penney's for about $40/each. They may not be carrying them anymore - had to buy them at JCP online.  I do indeed check out pillows when I find comfortable ones and these are the best in my book.