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    Guardian Insurance Services

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      Has anyone ever used Guardian Insurance Services for renter's property damage insurance?

        • Guardian Insurance Services

          Yes, we have been using Guardian Insurance for almost a year.   After having several losses from guests damaging our home and not being protected I looked at several companies including the one that HA is using.  I elected to stay away from anything to do with HomeAway products because it makes me nervous to allow them to have too much control over my business. Would highly recommend them very pleased with the simple to use dashboard and how easy it is to process a policy.  They offer various levels of protection all the way up to $10,000 of protection for a stay. In order to rent my home a renter has to purchase the minimum coverage $1500.00 protection plan.  


          However, one thing I have recently encountered is a guest that told the that their own State Farm homeowners insurance would cover any damage to my home and that their son-in-law was an agent so they do not need the added protection. They said it was just a matter of getting some sort of waiver to there policy before they arrive.  I am in the process of researching this right now with asking my own agent..... but if anyone in the community is aware if this is true than that would be so helpful to be able to inform guests they have another option.