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    Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?

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      I had 2 guest show up on the same week.  The one guest was scheduled for June 11, and she showed up on July9th.  I always send a confirmation after I receive a deposit.  It states the date of arrival, date of departure. Arrival and departure times and amount due, and date due.  I have been renting for 20 years and never had this problem.  The June rental insisted that the July week was the one she booked, and for awhile, I didn't think she was going to leave.  I told my July guest to go and have dinner on me and I would take care of the situation.  Finally I convinced the June renter to leave. 

      I have not heard anything yet, but am sure she will be asking for a refund.  What do you think about a refund?  I paid for a cleaning for that week, not knowing that there was noone there in June.  Any suggestions??

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          OMG - every owner's nightmare!!  I can't tell you how many times I check, recheck, re-recheck all my e-mails, contract and calendar to make sure I am not the one who gets it wrong!  I'm curious though, when June didn't show up in June, didn't it come up somehow?  Return of keys, return of security deposit - didn't you or they know somehow that something went drastically wrong?  Surely when you showed June the contract/confirmation note she had to admit she'd goofed?   I think if you've got it in writing you should be okay....

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              I did wonder why I hadn't gotten the key back, but I have rented to these

              people in the past, and wasn't too worried.  I told them that I sent the

              confirmation, but of course they said they didn't have it, and didn't

              remember me sending it.  I keep records, and even mark the date I send each

              letter.  My husband talked  to her husband, and offered to send him a copy

              of the confirmation, and that is what finally got them to leave. I hope this

              never happens again!!

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                  Not sure this exactly would have helped your situation, but I do several things that IMO should prevent this situation for me.


                  The first page of my rental agreement is comprised of customer information and then a section with rates, dates, and deposit info. The renter signs the agreement with the dates and prices and I send them a bi-lateral executed copy.


                  Along with the agreement, I send an invoice noting the rate/deposit/balance (it also includes the dates). (I use a basic invoice from an MS Word template).


                  I make balances due 30 days before arrival so that is another reminder.

                  Finally, I send welcome info and an access code to the door the week before arrival.


                  I don't go out of my way to drive home dates(I actually never considered the possibility of your situation), but a guest would have to be completely oblivious to show up to my house on the wrong date.


                  re: a refund, that is tricky. Interested to know what you decide.

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                Hi, Linda:


                  Welcome to the Twilight Zone!   Aaaargh.  Just a couple of quick thoughts:


                  1) I was going to ask if you'd contacted the "June 11" guest after her initial no-show, but in re-reading your posting I take it you were not aware whether or not she had come, at all. Not a question of fault, or anything, but it might be wise to have some kind of practice in place so you know at least whether a scheduled stay has occurred. I’m sure some other non-local owners might have tips on that point.


                   One pertinent "point person" would seem to be your cleaning person, whom I think as a matter of basic fairness would tell you "Well, it doesn't look like the place has been touched," before proceeding to charge you for a cleaning.  It just seems like they would know, as presumably they'd been the last people to be in the property before this situation arose.  (I am making a number of assumptions here, knowing nothing about your relationship with your cleaning people, nor what you expect of them.  So please; only take what's useful.) 

                2) One of the two of you made a mistake.  So it is to be Human. Whether it was you or she, or both in part, I would counsel an extra measure of kindness.  Maybe it's less important to be "right" here (as admittedly horrifying as the event must have felt), than to reach out to somebody who might very much need a simple touch of kindness, and respect. 

                As awful as your first meeting went, I don’t get the sense that this woman is a threat to you, or anything like an enemy. Right now, she’s probably feeling about two- foot tall, and you might be in a unique position to help her.

                Since you are experienced with keeping a calendar and more focused on avoiding exactly this type of situation, on its face it seems most likely that the problem resulted from a misunderstanding on her part.  She showed up on time on the second Saturday of the month.  But it was the wrong month. Whoops!

                But please do go back through any correspondence (with a completely open mind) and see if there may be ANY basis for her having had July in mind, and not June.  Just so you know.

                Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake. (God knows, dates on calendars have never been my forte). At the same time, it may be worth at least bearing in mind that there are a number of mental disorders affecting one’s relationship to time, etc.  (It's can be part of ADD, for example, not at all uncommon.)  Or, God Forbid, indicative of the onset of dementia, or Alzheimer’s. (Which might help explain her “not wanting to leave”: imagine the inner stakes if that question is even in her mind! She couldn’t afford NOT to be right. It would be just too awful.)  As the Baby Boomers age, I’m afraid we will all be encountering that horrific more than we now anticipate, and in exactly such situations as this.)

                To be clear: I am no kind of expert, nor am I an armchair diagnostician (if that’s a real word!). I’m just saying, “maybe.”

                But the good news about that dreadful line of thinking is, it makes “I made a mistake!” a cause for celebration! ("Seen running down Main Street, leaping for joy and clicking her heels, 'YIPEE! I MADE A MISTAKE!!'")

                It is equally possible that she could be going through some difficult life-change, such as an awful divorce, the death of a child (or of her husband, or both), simple unemployment, or any number of other excruciating possibilities.  As you know, these are trying times for many.

                Bringing me back to my point: at the end of the day, it's awfully sad that Ms. June 11 slept through her own party, and she must be beating herself up for it.  (Just imagine how you would feel.) Especially if it won't "cost you" (that is, if you have openings in your calendar), why not extend to her a "credit" for a stay of like length, at another time that may be mutually convenient?

                Even if it’s definitely her fault, 100%, I'd still say, "Hey, cut her some slack." Think about it: you’re only getting a “taste” of what her life might be looking like. For her, it’s her whole life. She might need what your place has to offer. I feel like she would be deeply grateful for the gesture, and your house would be fine upon her departure.  Possibly even "blessed."

                Hope you find any of these ideas useful.  In the end, I would of course say "Do exactly what makes you feel most comfortable."  Take care,


                Paul, Defender of the "Dizzy" and Down-trodden!

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                    Paul, you are reallly an amazing person with insight into human nature and always looking for the best in everyone. There should more like you on this earth!

                    • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?

                      These are all wonderful and very kind suggestions.  I have never had this situation (knock on wood) and do send several date reminders and confirmations, ending with a hard copy welcome letter via USPS with directions, lockbox info etc about 10 days before arrival.  I call the day of arrival to make sure the guests are in and settled as well.  I am pretty sure my cleaning person (5 years in my employ) would let me know if the place looked unusually immaculate as she is very thorough.  BUT I will say that to err on the side of kindness is the way to go.  Were I in this situation (and most of our guests have a 1-4 hour drive to our home), I would probably offer a free extended weekend stay after our busy season ends.  Aside from cleaning fees, it wouldn't cost me anything and who knows, I might win a grateful and returning guest. 


                      I may be a bit softer on this than a year ago (I do run a tight ship with respect to our vacation home), but I recently returned from a cruise and walked away with someone else's duffel bag, a fact I discovered when i got home.  Normally,I am so very careful and detailed oriented - this has NEVER happened to me.  I was mortified, not to mention ill over the prospect of lost luggage and the inconvenience I might I have caused others.  To my great relief, everyone affected was so very gracious about it (and really, it isn't the end of the world as it will eventually get it all sorted out), that I learned how very valuable a kind word or gesture can be to someone who make a stupid yet honest mistake.

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                      WOW-- that would be a nightmare!


                      I'm not close to my rental, so here is what I do. 

                      A week before my guests are to arrive I send them a Weather Report for the time they'll be staying. In that email I let themknow  I will be calling to make sure they've gotten inside ok, etc.  Most of the time the renter will call or text me before I've contacted them.


                      Serves 2 purposes- It reminds them I'm proactive, and gives them a chance to ask any last minute questions.


                      As far as the refund goes, I think it's your call.  If it is a return renter, you probably know something about them. I'm sure you COULD keep the $$, if your contract is well written (After all you are a business, not a counseling service).  On the other hand- boy did they havea screwed up vacation- even if it ws their own fault.


                      Let us know how it works out, please!

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                          Good ideas, but I do send a confirmation with the dates etc when I receive

                          the deposit.  Then I also send the dates a second time.  There is only so

                          much one can do to insure that they booked the date they thought they

                          booked.  I guess in 20 years for this to only happen once isn't bad.  It was

                          just a shock when the renters called and said that someones stuff was in the

                          villa.  I really didn't know what to think. As far as the refund goes, I

                          will probably refund all but the cost to clean the villa, since it was

                          cleaned and I had to pay for that.  My cleaning  people did n't seem to

                          notice that no one had been in the villa, but then again I do have some

                          renters that leave it really clean. I can't really blame the cleaning

                          people.  They are booked to clean and they do.  Oh well, I hope it never

                          happens again!

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                              I think you are prudent to ask for advice on whether to refund or not, but just do what you think is right.


                              One thing I do that might have headed of this problem if it were to happen to me is that 24 hours before each guest's arrival I call their mobile phone and give them the front door access code. That way I am sure they have the code, their phone number works and they are actually coming. Also I have images of the signed Rental Agreements in Google Docs so that I can access them from my iPhone or computer whereever I am - just in case I need to prove that the dates are correct.

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                            At my daughter's wedding reception in 2009 I got a call (don't ask me why I answered my phone) but a renter due to come in a week later says he has just gone into our condo and there is stuff everywhere.  The wedding was there at the beach and relatives were staying in our condo for the wedding weekend.   I told him that they had come the wrong week and had all the emails and rental agreement to prove it.  They had drove 400 miles and got here at 9 PM.  The renter was more embarrassed because his wife was ticked off at him and said that he should have paid a little closer to the dates they had requested.  Not the end of the story however.  They found a condo to stay the week which meant I lost the following week.  Not the end of the story however.  About 2 weeks later I get the bounced (NSF) check from the bank from this renter.  If he had stayed in our condo for a week I would have ended up with a bounced check.  It turned out for the best. 

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                              Yes I did!!!! It was bad! I overbooked. I use an app for iPhone that tracks my calendar for me and sends me reminders now just so I never have to deal with that again. Check out www.tapandtrackrentals.com

                              App is called tap and track rentals.

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                                  Thanks, but mine was not due to over booking.  After reviewing my system, I

                                  know I did nothing wrong.  I could call as suggested, or send additonal

                                  reminders, but in 20 years this system has worked.  It is just too bad that

                                  one person didn't read the confirmation.  The only additonal thing I think I

                                  will ad is to remind them to look at the dates and make sure the dates are

                                  the ones they want.

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                                  Thanks, I had never imagined this situation.  Now I will add it to the list of things to worry about!




                                  Kiawah Cottage

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                                    How horrible! I have never had that happen, and as I am so careful to avoid double booking, the renter being wrong hadn't crossed my mind!


                                    You are fortunate that you were on site to intervene. Some of us are 500+ or more miles from our properties and would have to resolve such an issue by phone or through a third party on site. I think you handled it very well!


                                    I am thoroughly convinced that many people simply don't read what they sign. This is not just in vacation rentals, but in business emails, important contracts (mortgages!), etc.


                                    We send multiple communications: the initial emails, then a two page agreement with the dates/rates prominently placed at the top of the first page that has to be signed and returned, then I send an email a few days before arrival with the current door code and early arrival times (if available). In that final email I request a confirmation that they have received and read so that they don't get out there without the door code. If I don't get a confirmation back, I call. I hope that any arrival discrepancy would be resolved then, but it would still be too late for a refund if I had turned away another rental, and if it was the renter's fault.


                                    I don't think I would do a refund, especially if you turned away rentals for the week in June based upon their reservation. If the party in error was apologetic, I might consider a partial refund.


                                    Also, I would have a chat with the cleaning service. Some people do leave a spotless place, make up the beds, etc. but at a minimum they should have wondered why there were no soiled towels?

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                                      It's happened here when I answer an enquiry by quoting the price - some people consider THAT a booking. Especially Germans - of all people!! Mostly however it happens with our B&B and only once did it happen that someone turned up on a Thursday even though the week runs Saturday to Saturday. They stayed in the B&B but weren't entirely happy as they had to pay (naturally) for that and they had to eat out in the evening - though I did offer to fire up the adobe-oven or gas BBQ.


                                      Good clear instructions and repeated confirmation of dates can at least prove someone - right or wrong when things go wrong - as someone above pointed out - we are all human and open to foibles and mistakes.

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                                        Another suggestion: I am on very good terms with several other vacation rental owners in my community (through our neighborhood association). If that ever happens, I'm confident that I can find alternate arrangements for the guests who made the mistake. I would help out the other vacation rental owners if they got into a similar situation. That may soften the landing for the guests, but I would handle refunds, or other downstream results on a case by case basis, depending on the reaction of the guests. At least they'll have somewhere to stay while that is being considered. Meanwhile, I would be freaking out (don't know what I'd do about that, lol).


                                        My communications with guests are such that the dates are known by repetition in the stages (inquiry, confirmation, etc.). We have the advatage of living upstairs from our rental, so being able to solve the problem face-to-face should be easier. If I lived somewhere else, I might think of having someone living close to the rental unit as a "go-to" person for cases such as this...perhaps one of the other vacation rental owners, nearby. If handled well, the other vacation rental owner would gain the booking, and I would be having a large scotch.


                                        Having said all that, I try not to let any stress get to me...Right, like that is avoidable!


                                        Good luck.


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                                          I conduct all business by e-mail.  That leaves a track record.  Also, the week of the rental I text message their dates and unit number and lockbox code.   I also e-mail a reminder that check out is 10 sharp and no later because the cleaners open the doors at 10 am and start cleaing.  Several weeks ago that led to an embarrassing situation.  The guest was upset and claimed I told them they could leave at 11 AM which was a lie.  I e-mailed the contract to the security office and they were given 15 minutes to clear out or security was ready to throw them out.  On another property I had some guests who claimed they had booked for another week and hung around all day until the next guests arrived.  When I was advised of the situation they lost their security deposit.  The contract for that property stated clearly there was a $40 fine per hour for overstays and they stayed 6 hours additional.  Although they raised a commotion and the police had to be called, there was little they could do and I didn't feel the slightest bit sorry for them.  There are a lot of cheapskates and confused people out there and they don't care if they ruin your property or your reputation.  Just have everything in writing.  What's not in writing doesn't exist.

                                          • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?


                                                 At the bottom of the rental agreement that I send out it reads "unless you get a confirmation email from me within twenty four hours YOU DO NOT HAVE A RESERVATION, contact me at once".    So far, keeping my fingers crossed, that has worked.



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                                              It looks like some landlords run their rentals pretty loose. I try to run a tight ship. I do everything in email and also send paper work via USPS mail after every payment. But still I had a renter get the year wrong in the date. They thought they booked my unit for exactly a year later than they did. When I did not get the final payment due 30 days before arrival I called her and found out the discrepancy.


                                              I do month rentals and that was when I changed my payment policy: small "mid payments" like 4-6 months out and then full payment in my hand 60 days before arrival. So this way I get a reality check on whether they are still serious 4-6 months out. And I have 60 days to try and re-rent if something falls apart.


                                              I also have this observation: Renters that have problems/delays/mixups with paying the rent on time tend to be lousy occupants as well. Thus if they don't pay on time (with an unstated week's grace), I sometimes call it a "breach of contract" and cancel the deal.


                                              So here is my question:


                                              My contract has a cancelation clause that says I can withhold a sizeable cancelation fee with the refund. How legal is this?

                                              • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?

                                                This happened to me just last week.  Renters showed up, unpacked, made and drink and were enjoying the sunshine on the deck... I got a call from the other renters saying there was someone in the cottage.  Checking my books I realized that the first renters had shown up 2 days early!  There was no mistake in my records or the paperwork between the two of us.  When I confronted the first renters (it just so happened we were preparing to leave the adjoining property) they realized their mistake, but had taken the time off work, driven 6 hours, blah, blah, blah.  They were highly embarrassed.


                                                We worked it out in a couple of ways:  the house that my family was leaving was open for the night.  However, if they stayed there, there was no housecleaning available to prepare the home for the next group the following afternoon.  We worked a deal, that they could stay there if they laundered their bedding and cleaned up after themselves.  I know it was a risk, but I decided to trust them and it actually worked out okay.  They found another property for the next night and then returned to their original booking on the third (which was their original check-in date.)


                                                The new couple received a complimentary bottle of wine, a tour of both the houses, an opportunity to meet the other folks so they could apologize and hug, and everyone was happy.


                                                It was chaotic and stressful for awhile, but if this is the worst that ever happens, I'm okay with that.



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                                                    I guess I am lucky. Most of my guests have to get on a plane to get to the condo. I assume that bulk of mistakes caused by guests is because they can drive so makeing doubley-tripley sure doesn't happen.

                                                    I also usually send an email shortly after their arrival to make sure they are happy. Once in awhile you get a renter that doesn't respond because for them vacation is going off of the electronics (work).

                                                    Nevertheless, I am going to use this as an education to make sure my DATES are in bold when it comes to the contract.

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                                                    We use the keyless Schlage Link system.  You get an email alert every time someone enters their code at the door for entrance.  That solves the, "did my guests show up?" question.   To solve the arrival date dilemna, after their rent is paid in full, I send them an email asking for a 4 digit code they would like to use for entrance into the house during their dates of _____.  When they give me this code it means they have read another confirmation from me of their scheduled dates.   The price of the system is worth my peace of mind. 

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                                                        Southern779 - Do you mind sharing the information about the Schlage remote lock system that you use?  I am interested in learning more about it.  I use Schlage keyless locks but it is not a remote system.  What do you like about it, and what don't you like, if anything? 

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                                                            I wouldn't want to operate without it.  I also used to use just the keyless lock which you could program a couple of codes into.  Now I can have I think up to 10 codes.  I don't use the scheduled lock codes.  You can program a code for use during a certain dated span.  The only problem with that is if your internet goes out during that time someone won't be able to use that key code.  The system has to be "live" all the time for scheduled key codes. 

                                                              I prefer to do the regular scheduling.  Once I enter a code that code remains until I delete it.  If the internet goes out after I have programmed it that code will still work.  The great part is that I get alerts every time someone enters their code so I know when someone arrives at the house.  This lets me know of early arrivals.  I can also program my thermostat from my computer.  I can see what the thermostat is set at while guests are there and then when they leave I can make sure it is set where I want it.  I then adjust it a few hours before their arrival to make it comfortable. 

                                                              This system will let you know if a door is locked or unlocked.   You can't lock a door from your computer with these locks but you can see whether they are locked.  I have a certain code for my cleaning crew so when I get that alert I know they have arrived to get the cleaning done. 

                                                              My one problem with it is when there are power outages sometimes my Link system doesn't go back on "live".  Someone will have to manually unplug and plug it back in.  I have two houses on the same street.  At one house I don't have that happen very often.  At the house I seem to have problems with my internet so that causes it to get offline and sometimes doesn't go back online when the internet is restored.  I will have to text a guest and ask them to unplug and plug it back in or wait until my cleaning crew can get back in to take care of it for me.  There are far more pros than negatives with this system. 

                                                              I hope this helps you a little.


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                                                          I have to agree with a couple of others here, that there is NO excuse for your housecleaners not to realize the place was EXACTLY as they left it; they know how THEY make the beds, and even the cleanest renters don't leave a SPOTLESS sink, shower, and bathroom!  All laundry clean and folded just like they fold it?  It's frankly not believable that they "didn't notice." (I'm the maid for our place, and an ex-hotel maid).  They were either incompetent or dishonest, though I can understand they also may need to charge you something for the cleaning appt.  But if my cleaners just "cleaned" a spotless house and didn't call me, they'd be fired.  After all, they were probably out of there in no time.  As an ex-maid, believe me, they noticed.

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                                                            Fortunately, this has never happened to me in my 15 years as a vacation rental owner.  My rental agreement is airtight and very specific as to the dates.  Additionally, when a guest makes their deposit via PayPal, it clearly states the dates they will be renting.  If they show up early or refuse to leave as agreed, I would absolutely keep their money as warranted, and sue them if necessary for any remaining monies owed.  {They agree to pay all legal fees, etc., in their signed agreement}.  Business is business.  Under NO circumstances would I ever refund any money if the mistake was theirs, regardless of their personal problems.  I would only HOPE that I would lose them as a repeat customer.  Trust me ~ enabling idiot/difficult/freeloading guests is NEVER a good idea!

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                                                                I would not give back any money. For the first time this year we had very big problems with renters. We always have very happy clients. When this people arrived they were entering the house with the idea that they knew we have some other property's that we are renting out, and they told us they where not happy and wonted to change with one of the other ones. These houses are larger with garden and pool, fully booked and more expensive. They started to discusse the price, when they entered the house. They where comparing the property with one they rented the year before in the south of Spain. The house are indeed a lot cheaper there. I told them of they would have a drink on the beach here ore in Cannes they can not discusse and compare prices. Than they agreed in renting the property and paid me. After one hour they called me, that they did not wonted to stay. We were on our way a bit further away. So we told them that we would be back later to discuss something. We can not give them back the complete amount because we are not going to find a new renter that fast. But maybe we can find people for the next week, so can pay them back one week. They where very angry and told us that they would break the house down if we didn't agree with them. they where threatening and coursing and there was no way to talk calm with them. So we went to talk with them with the police, to avoid problems. When we arrived they where gone. I guess they didn't want to meet with the police. We locked the doors and changed the keys.

                                                                After one week they told us they wanted to come back. As the Jacuzzi is always on a good temperature and the weather was not good. We didn't wont them in our house and returned them one week. Now we will have to go to court, as we have filed a complain and theme as well. Our lawyer have told us now, that giving back the money, we shouldn't have don. Because they can consider it, that we did agree with them. So now we wait and see. I have lots of difficulties with every time new renters arrive. I am still a bit scared. Nevertheless we have an new totally modern and new very well taken care of house. I am very happy we are getting again lots of nice and good comments on the house. I have changed my rental agreements into a much more serious one together with the lawyer.

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                                                                    Thanks everyone for all the good feedback!!  So many good points!!  So far I

                                                                    ahve not heard from the renters, and they have not requested their money

                                                                    back yet.  After much consideration, I do not think I will refund the

                                                                    money.  In my contract, it states that a refund is not given unless another

                                                                    renter is found.  I offered for the correct renters to go out to dinner on

                                                                    me, and have that bill to pay.In the end I will end up not bringing in as

                                                                    much money as I had thought I would.  (the dinner was a very expensive

                                                                    dinner)  I do agree that people do not read what they sign.  As far as the

                                                                    cleaning people go, I agree that they should have seen that the place was

                                                                    clean, however, I am sure their position will be that I scheduled a

                                                                    cleaning, and they did as I asked.  You are all so helpful and have given me

                                                                    many things to think about.  Thank you so much and please continue to send

                                                                    any other suggestions you may have!

                                                                      • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?

                                                                           The only other suggestion I would have is that you find cleaning people who are not so robotic and legalistic in their attitude.  Yes, they may say "you scheduled a cleaning and we did as you asked," but if that's their attitude, if they couldn't treat you like a valued client and call you up and say "hey, there's no work for us here, looks like no one showed up," and work out something fair for the visit, then you have the right to find cleaning people who DON'T think and act like robots.  After all, what is it you think they cleaned?  Surely, they didn't make the beds again or rewash the already cleaned and put away laundry?  There was nothing for them to do, so I would question if they said they "did what you asked."  They didn't have to, so what exactly did they "do?"  They either left immediately (that's what I think), or they dimly, robotically cleaned a clean house. They have the right to fall back on legalisms, and you have the right to fire them.  I hope you find a more common sense, appreciative cleaning staff.

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                                                                            Ahh, that is a big problem where we are located.  It is very hard to get

                                                                            good help.  At least this company does seem to clean.  I have fired my share

                                                                            of cleaning companies.  Most do a terrible job of cleaning, and are

                                                                            undependable.  In 20 years, I have had 2 good cleaning companies.  At this

                                                                            point I am resigned to the fact that chances are I will have settle for less

                                                                            than perfect in the cleaning area.  This company shows up when they are

                                                                            supposed to, and I have not had any complaints about the lack of cleaning.

                                                                            I understand what you are saying, but its better than having a cleaning

                                                                            company that either doesn't show up or does a half way job of cleaning.


                                                                            On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 4:22 PM, maureen.baumgartner

                                                                              • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?
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                                                                                I think you are right to keep your cleaning crew.  I feel it is our responsibility to schedule a cleaning and pay for that cleaning.  These people are making a living and schedule their time around you.  If you set a cleaning up you pay for it.  This happened to me once when I was using a property managment company.  The guests no-showed and I wasn't told and I sent my cleaning crew over there to clean.  I didn't know about this no-show until 3 weeks later and when I asked my cleaning crew about it they said the place did look clean to them but they just thought there could have been just one guest and they cleaned up after themselves.  Some people could be like that.  My cleaning crew attempted to reach me on the phone that day but I didn't answer.  They then spent their time doing deep cleaning that included pulling out appliances and working on cleaning windows.  Don't be so hasty to blame your cleaning people.  If you didn't pay them for your scheduled cleaning they may drop you!

                                                                                  Since I have taken over my bookings there won't be any missed stays that I won't know about.  I collect full payment two weeks in advance, someone who pays is going to show up.  When I receive payment I ask them for a 4 digit code they would like to use for entrance into the house.  This is another step that confirms their dates since I then email them their arrival instructions that reflects the scheduled dates.

                                                                                  I  use the keyless Schlage Link system and I will get an email notice when my guests enter their code.  I would definitely know if someone didn't show up.  If someone still didn't show up after paying I could then contact them and find out why and clear up any misunderstanding at that point.

                                                                                  There is also a great alarm system I use, Lifeshield.  With Lifeshield you install it yourself and you put sensors on every door (the kit comes with 8 sensors).  You are able to control this system thru your computer.  The great thing about this is being able to check your event history which will let you know who entered the code to turn the alarm system off and several other things.  I can tell by looking at my computer If a door is open and is left open.  Just think if a guest checks out and they left one of your doors wide open, (this has happened to me on my balcony) you can see it and send someone over to get it closed. 

                                                                                   Your cleaning crew shouldn't be the ones responsible for knowing if guests stayed at your house.  If they show up and clean when you have scheduled them, then they have done their job. 

                                                                                  • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?

                                                                                       Yes, that's the whole point. Yours called you, whether you answered or not, unlike hers.  They did the right thing, and when they couldn't get you, they used both ethics and common sense and substituted a deep cleaning for what was already done.  Excellent, that is exactly what should happen.  I echo myhacienda below, that hers "did not use common sense."  As far as we know, they did not clean anything, or stupidly recleaned what was clean. Yes, they should still be paid, but only if they are willing to put in the time and clean something else that needs to be cleaned, as your crew did. If they can't at least do this, than I'd fire them (but yours sound like keepers!)  As an ex-maid, I would definitely expect my crew to use their brains, recognize a spotless house, and do the things myhacienda listed.  It is their responsibility to be ethical, use common sense, and earn their pay, just like it's ours to be ethical and pay them for the appt.  I would never not pay them, but if they didn't behave like yours, I'd let them go.  As you've found with yours, they don't check their brains at the door.  I never did.

                                                                        • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?
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                                                                          If you're sure they are in the wrong and can prove it (but have not yet sent them a review request!), I would hold something like 75% of the fee plus cleaning and taxes. Returning 25% makes you look reasonable.

                                                                          • Have you ever had 2 guest show up on the same week?
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                                                                            What a nightmare!  You handled the situation well by sending the other renters to dinner. 


                                                                            At this point I imagine you might feel that you're already stuck with the  cleaning since time has passed but I would recommend at least calling and talking to your  cleaning company to let them know that you are disappointed that they did not use common sense and notice that the place was already spotless, just as they left it the last time that they cleaned.  Don't demand anything but let them know that you are simply calling to convey information for the future.  Who knows?  They might offer you a partial refund.  I would request from them that if they encounter something like that ever again that they contact you and ask you what to do.  Since their normal duties were already completed, they should have used the time to do some extra deep cleaning for you such as cleaning out all cabinets and inspecting/making sure all the dishes are clean and organized nicely in the cabinets, doing the same with all drawers, cleaning base boards, cleaning the oven (if they don't do that alreaedy), organizing the linen closet, etc.  Good luck.