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        where in FL are your locks as Im looking for someone to install one on Venice FL.


        Any recommendations?




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          If you are referring to me then the answer is you would need to go to: www.resortlock.com, buy one, have them send it to you or someone in Venice Beach and you or someone else install it.  It is pretty easy to do.

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            Just a yearly update to mention that my Resort Lock has worked flawlessly and shows no signs of wear or tear even being in the Florida Beach Salt Air.  I still got to say that these locks with their remote lock combinations for the renters are an 8th wonder of the world!

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              My Schlage Link lock are still kicking strong offer 3 years at the Jersey Shore.  The only thing I had to do was change the batteries.  There is no rust or color change.  My house is a 1 family house the bay and 2 blocks from the beach.


              I have a second house just 2 blocks away and it got 3-1/2 feet of water from hurricane Sandy last October and would you believe the finish, key holes and basic mechanics were never damaged.  The only thing that happened was the the electronics was destroyed because the salt water was inside the lock and the batteries exploded.


              Nexia (Schlages on-line system) was very considerate and helpful. They were allowing homeowners in my area to freeze our account until we got power back in my house after the storm.

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                I have not read this thread for a year and will add that my two locks continue to work flawlessly.

                I also want to reply to swlinphx's comment about my ability to rent on such short notice:

                "Wow, that's pretty amazing!  We would have trouble being able to schedule housekeeping and get it cleaned in that little time."

                I treat my housekeeper well, she is in high demand; I pay above the going rate.  Also when appropriate I will occasionally drop a hint to my guests that tips would be appreciated  and occasionally send a tip myself.  Blindsiding her is not something I would do.  Before booking on short notice pre-clear it with her. 

                Text messaginig, the internet and my resort locks - I couldn't do this without em.

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                  I searched for a thread on keyless locks and ran across this thread.  My experience has been quit different from most of the poster here.  We have had resortlock locks for about 4 1/2 years and a Schlage from eRentalLocks for about 10 months.


                  We have two beachfront properties in Walton County Florida.  I purchased the Schlage based, eRentalLock product because of numerous problems with the resortlock product.  I purchased three of the resortlock locks for two properties due to repeated reliability issues.  One of the locks is now good for nothing but parts to keep the other two working.


                  My key issues are all rooted in POOR MATERIAL CHOICES AND MECHANICAL DESIGN.  All the lock cases corroded to the point that the iButton port would no longer work without disassembly and cleaning the corrosion around the iButton port.  It is impossible to completely seal a lock with a mechanical keyway.  The small amount of salt laden air that gets in probably would not be a problem if it weren't for the TERRIBLE choice of materials used internally.  Different metals are used for the post and pivot arm of the mechanical release assembly.  It only takes a very small amount of salt to start the corrosion at this point and the lock stops operating.  I have to disassemble the locks twice a year and clean/lubricate this area to insure  I don't get a emergency call that the lock has stopped operating.


                  Extending my complaint about the mechanical design, I received a call from a renter telling me that the exterior part of the lock had fallen off the door and was only being held on by the power cable!  I remembered the large number of screws used in the assembly of this lock.  I thought, "this can't be right, it is impossible for the lock to be in the condition described.  Someone must have compromised the lock and not put it back together properly"!  It takes me 4 1/2 hours to reach the property on a good day so I had plenty of time to imagine how his description had to be wrong.  When I arrived at the property, I saw that his description of the situation was EXACTLY as he described.  The lock was indeed hanging by the wiring!  I discovered that the lock had not been tinkered with.  The  front lock shell is attached to the front mounting base by 10-12 VERY short screws.  The front shell screw threads appear to be cast, not machine cut. NONE of the mounting screws would engage more than 1 turn and most were less, barely engaging at all!   Replacing the original assembly screws with longer ones solved this problem but why did I have to do this on a $400 lock?!?!


                  I will say one thing good about the resortlock. The software and electronics work well and the SW/electronic operational design works well with the exception of the iButton port on the case and one battery holder that failed.


                  The corrosion issues finally drove me to buy the eRentalLock Schlage unit.  I hope that Schlage has been in the lock business long enoght that the mechanical components will work reliability.  Of course, nothing is easy.  The electronics failed in the eRentalLock about 6 months after installation. To their credit, eRentalLock immediately sent me a new board for the lock.  It was very easy to replace so I am going to stay hopeful that this was an aberration, fingers crossed.


                  The audit trail interface and lock setup are easier and more convenient with the resortlock iButton than the eRentalLock but the recurring mechanical issues were too much to deal with.

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                    Hi Madmike, and welcome to the forum.  That is a helpful post for your first one here.


                    It seems most of the issues people are discussing have to do with areas near the sea and/or locks for people who live far from their rentals.  For those, like me, who live near their rentals and which are not located near saltwater or salty air, you can save A LOT of money with an $80-110 Weiser, Kwikset or Schlage electronic lock without all the remote and internet access, which is apparently what raises the price so high.  I'd hate for people reading this who aren't near the sea and who live close to their rental property to think they have to shell out $400 for a lock for each rental they own.  Ours have been working great for years.  I even have one on my own home that has a keychain fob that allows me to lock and unlock my front door like I do my car (great when hands are full or you can't see at night)!


                    The main difference is the style, design, workmanship, lighted keypad, the length of a code, whether it has 10 or 5 (two each) numeric buttons.  I have all three and they all work pretty good.  The Schlages are nice but you must manually delete each code then enter a new one with each check-out.  With the others you simply erase/override the old code when entering the new one.  I highly recommend the backlit keypad though.  And whatever you do, keep your batteries fresh!

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