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    "Rent My Home" tab on Facebook?

    tom.roland Contributor

      Is there any plan for VRBO or HA to offer a sync to FB to create a rent my home tab like vacationrentals.com does?

        • "Rent My Home" tab on Facebook?

          Hi Tom,


          That's a good question. While we are working on many things to drive inquiries for our customers and help you market and manage your properties, we can't publicly talk about the particulars of what might be happening when. I understand that's not terrifically helpful for your specific question.


          Have you used the VacationRentals.com FB feature? If so, was it useful? If you haven't used it, I'm curious how you would use it to drive inquiries or awareness of your property.

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            Tom, please see my reply to your direct email for what I did to add the "Like" feature to my VRBO listing. 


            I tried to also send it to Jeff, but the email address I have for him (community@homeaway.com) isn't functional for receipt of emails and it was returned as undeliverable.


            Hope you're successful!



            P.S.  A friend is becoming a Social Networking / Electronic Marketing consultant and he'll be offering his services soon.  Altogether, there's a big learning curve involved, between creating a good website, SEO'ing it, and then adding a lot of links to the other sites that can help us, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr.  Let me know if you'd like his help, ok?

            • "Rent My Home" tab on Facebook?
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              Hi everyone!

              I need some help.  After spending my entire day trying to figure out two things, I hope someone can guide me.  I've been reading over and over everyone's information but have not been able to figure this stuff out (maybe I'm getting too old for this)


              1) how do I put a Facebook "like" button on my VRBO site?

              2) how do I get new tabs on the left side of my Facebook page?  I'd like to have a "reviews" tab and also "links" tab.


              thank you!



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                  tsvr Contributor

                  Hi Patti, unfortunately I can't help you out with this...I just wanted to add a comment.

                  I am also having issues with Facebook...trying to set up a business page etc. I can't seem to find any answers regarding the issues that I am having and no way to contact cusotmer support. I have spent days trying to figure out how to add or change things on my FB vacation rental page. It is very frustrating.

                  Good luck...I hope someone will post an answer that will help you out (and me also).

                  • "Rent My Home" tab on Facebook?


                    I believe you add the like button to your vrbo page by going under the administration tab in vrbo, you will see under each property on the left side under the heading that says widgets for your listing. Click on that and see if the like button is an option. It was so long ago when I added mine.


                    As for a facebook page, it depends on what kind of page you have setup, places, company, personal. Send me a link to your facebook page and Il have a look. I think the answer to your question is that you can personalize the links on the left side of facebook by adding an app called "html+iframe". Its pretty easy to install and setup. You can then customize some tabs within the link etc. Hope this helps!


                    My facebook vr page is


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                      Just add the Facebook "like" image and link it to your Facebook page.  If you build that in word or dreamweaver, I would assume you can copy it into your profile in HTML mode.  Thanks
                      Brandon Addison
                      Ga Cabin Rentals

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                        I just added Reviews app to our page last night. 


                        Select Edit Page icon


                        Then you will see a list of choices and select Apps


                        At the bottom of the list, select browse more applications.


                        Then you need to select apps for Pages


                        then toggle through the list to find Reviews. For me it was on page 17.


                        Hope this helps. Probably would be easier with screen shots.



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                        Here is a Facebook Rental Search tab that is for property managers... it pulls ALL of your rentals and makes them searchable in a Facebook Tab.  It costs about $500 to setup.  Send me a message if you want to see more.