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    Scam Booking

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      I just wanted to warn everyone of a booking scam. It's the old, overpayment check one again. They claim to live in Lithuania. I got them to send me the check, it was drawn on the UlsterBank and was in the name of Ocean Finance & Mortgage Services. The bank branch address was in Dublin Ireland.

      I checked with the bank the sort code and account numbers were invalid. I have passed on the details to the bank and the police. Just wanted to warn people to be carefull

        • Scam Booking

          Thanks for the waning Barnes. I just got the following from a fellow who added his phone number at the bottom. I have not called back nor folloed through whith his typical absurd requests, but I did report his emails to the Internet Crime Reporting Agency and to the FBI:




          ------------------------Initial inquiry May 8, 2011---------------------------






             We will need accommodation for six adults(four male & two


             female)coming to your place on a visit. We would require 3 "double


             rooms" for the six guest.


             Arrival/Check in: 14th of July, 2011.


             Departure/Check out: is 28th July, 2011.


             Number of Weeks; 2 weeks


             Number of nights; 14 nights.


             What is the total cost.............?Euros, Pounds or USD


             Please confirm if you have accommodation on the stipulated dates and


             get back to me with the total cost as soon as possible. Do calculate


             the total cost yourself while replying to this mail, please.






             Lloyd  Henry








          ------------------------Follow up offer May 11, 2011---------------------------








             We acknowledge the receipt of your response. I wish to inform you


          that we have approved the stay in your facility for the dates


          mentioned, Above all, the price quotation is well accepted by us and


          as such, we would want to make a part deposit payment of $ 2,000 with


          a credit card to enable you hold the reservation for us.




             However, I am going to send you the Credit Card Information that


          will cover the cost of their accommodation, and the necessary


          arrangement for tour clients. Moreover, I was able to make an


          arrangement with a  pre-paid flight ticketing/transportation


          consultant that will provide  our clients with cars,take care of their


          Luggage,Other transportation logistics before, during and after their


          stay in the  hotel.So in order not to share the credit card


          information with a third party, I have decided that only one person


          will have to handle the credit card information.


             Summarily, I would send to you the credit card information as soon


          as I hear back from you. Once you receive the credit card, this is


          exactly what you are required to do;


             1.  Charge a total of $ 10,000  from it.


             2.  Deduct $ 2,000  for the deposit cost of your services


             3.  Then you will send the balance of $ 8,000  to the Flight


          ticketing/transportation consultant .


             Finally, I would require your full contact for record purposes.


             (1) Your hotel full name/address


             (2) Name of the Manager/Owner


             (3) Hotel's telephone and fax numbers


             Please I just need this because I would have some important issues


          to discuss with any of them owing to what I would need them to do


          personally for us. It is very important.


             NB: Balance of your payment will be paid cash upon arrival by the guests.


             Kind Regards,




             Lloyd Henry









          • Scam Booking

            Defintely a scam.


            I created a pretty detailed forum thread on scams with a couple of examples




            It's always a scam when they request a refund back through money order or bank wire. I keep getting surprised on how many fall for it or think it's not a scam.


            I love how general these emails from scammers are (ie. they write Facility instead of house, cabin).